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Bathrooms with blue tiles: 5 TOP ideas to create perfect spaces

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    Blue is a symbol of stability. The most representative tonality of water denotes clear values of calm and tranquility and, like the ocean, it is a colour that adds depth to the space. Sky is also represented by blue, symbolizing rest. For this reason and taking into account that this colour range generates relaxation and concentration, interior designers usually use it in their projects, being bathrooms the favorite space for blue. Taking into account all the aspects that the blue palette represents, we can associate them directly with moments of relaxation. Thus, from Dune Ceramics, we want to give you 5 ideas for bathrooms with blue tiles so that you can turn yours into a spa in your own home. 3, 2, 1… Zen!

    How to decorate bathrooms with blue tiles?

    From floor or wall tiles, to decorative moldings or even sinks, adding a touch of blue to your bathroom is always an excellent idea. Here you can find several options for designing your bathroom with blue tiles. Take note of the best bathroom tile combinations!

    1. Glossy style for a bathroom with blue tiles

    If you want to create a sophisticated and trendy bathroom, the ideal option is using small-format ceramic wall tiles with a gloss finish. This glossy touch emulates the effect of water and creates a perfect space for your bathroom to make a difference.

    Azulejos en color azul con acabo gloss.
    The dark blue color matches perfectly with a wood finish.

    We propose our Tabarca series in Sky, Navy and Turquoise tones, individually or combining them to bring freshness to your bathroom. Tabarca has an irregular relief and a strong colur variation to show the look of handmade tiles, but with the performance of industrial products. If you want to go beyond the conventional proposal, you can combine the common vertical or horizontal placement with the herringbone layout. Thanks to this, you can even differentiate several spaces within the bathroom. In this small-format series you will find a square and rectangular format that can be used together.

    On the other hand, if you like glossy effect, but do not want a strong shade variation, you can choose among the blue tiles of our Atelier and Trendy series , adding shine but keeping a uniforme colour.


    If you want to add light, combine blue tiles with tiles in light tones.


    2. A little piece of the Mediterranean in your bathroom

    If you want natural light to flood your bathroom and the colour create an atmosphere that reflects joy, you should bet on a relaxed and warm decoration that conveys a feeling of permanent vacation. Therefore, to create a Mediterranean aura, it is essential to choose the combination of wood with other materials, such as cement or clay, and create a miscellany of textures in which blue and white tones predominate.

    The tiles from the Ibiza series are, without a doubt, the best option for designing a bathroom with blue tiles. His drawings with geometric shapes create unique compositions, perfectly combinable with smooth tiles. You also have the matching sink to complete the decoration.


    Los mosaicos en tonos azules también pueden utilizarse en el baño.
    You can use the blue tiles to delimit the space of the sink.


    3. Rustic atmosphere to create a bathroom in blue tones

    Generally, the rustic style has been characterized by the use of materials and textures that emulate closeness to the natural environment. Likewise, the color palette that ranges from yellow to brown and even green has been a hallmark of this type of decoration. But why give up blue for your rustic home?

    It seems to us a great success to choose blue tiles to decorate your bathroom and, to blend them with any rustic environment, we suggest you choose a hydraulic design. These types of tiles represent unique pigmented cement designs that are reminiscent of shits from the middle of the 19th century. Our Saudade series is a clear example of blue tiles to decorate your bathroom. In addition, to provide more warmth you can combine it with porcelain tiles in cream color.


    Azulejos en tonos azules para un baño.
    The hydraulic tile in blue tones brings peace and serenity to the bathroom.

    Similarly, we also propose the Barro series, inspired by this natural material with which ceramics are created and which evokes a unique result. Unlike the previous proposal, this collection presents a design without prints that generates more homogeneous environments.

    Also, if you are one of those who like hydraulic design and do not want to give up its elegance, the Just White model is your best option. This series of rectified tile, suitable for showering, has a gloss finish that will add a chic touch to your bathroom decorated in blue tones.


    Los azulejos azules se pueden combinar con distintos diseños.
    There are tiles in blue, with a gloss finish, which are suitable for the bathroom.


    4. Marble and terrazzo to design a bathroom in blue tones

    Sophistication and elegance have always been linked to materials such as marble, an element that represents purity and cleanliness. Marble finishes are one of the most used when designing bathrooms, but it is true that, generally, they are associated with the color white. For this reason, at Dune Ceramics, in our desire not to give up on trends, we present the Baikal series, inspired by the icy environments of the Baltic.

    Los azulejos de acabado marmóreo
    Marble finishes, in shades of blue, are a total trend for this season.

    Thanks to this collection, we present you another idea to decorate your bathroom with blues. In this particular case, the marble-effect design stands out for its intense blue veins that combine perfectly with golden sparkles. Without a doubt, a lot of style for your bathroom.

    In the same way, terrazzo is also back to stay and, with it, you can design a trendy bathroom. In Dune we have it clear and to decorate your bathroom with blue tiles we propose the Chicago series, which has several designs in blue tones and highlights as a jewel the hexagonal piece that emulates terrazzo.


    El terrazo en tonos azules es tendencia.
    Terrazzo is here to stay.


    5. Blue tiles to make a difference in your bathroom

    The mosaic can be used in any room of the house to highlight a specific space and the bathroom gives a lot of play for it. From creating shower trays, cladding a specific wall or creating a carpet, mosaics offer endless options.

    Los mosaicos en azulejo azul sirven para delimitar espacios.
    Mosaics can be used to divide the spaces in a room.

    Therefore, the Elle, Sublime Blue, Status, Nereida, Dots Blue or Secrets models are excellent options to create a bathroom with mosaic in blue tones. Last but not least, the Gema mosaic that emulates the scales of a fish has a matte finish and a combination of the color range of blues that make it one of the options to turn your bathroom into a unique space . As an example, you can discover the house of the influencer and Verdeliss, who has chosen this mosaic to decorate her bathroom in blue tones.


    El baño de Verdeliss creado con azulejos azules.
    The influencer Verdeliss has chosen tiles in blue for her bathroom.


    With all of these options, we hope we've inspired you to create a blue tile bathroom. However, if you need help or don't know which design to choose, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you with whatever you need. Always blue!

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