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Mediterranean style: interior and exterior decoration

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    The Mediterranean style is one of the most desired in interior and exterior decoration. And it is that feeling the sea without necessarily having it in front of you is an experience that, every time, is valued more. The confinements and the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have made us become more demanding with the environment in which we live and, therefore, a house that transmits a sense of calm is what the most demanding users are looking for. The Mediterranean style is characterized by light, balance and simplicity. Do you dare to live the Mediterranean even if you are miles away?

    As we mentioned before, the Mediterranean style in the decoration is appealing because it conveys the feeling of being on vacation permanently. With it we can create spaces that invite to be lived, in which neutral tones play a fundamental role, as well as textiles and natural materials.

    What is the Mediterranean style?

    We can answer this question clearly. The Mediterranean style is the one that manages to transmit all the essence of the sea and allows the sunlight to flood every corner of the house. The colours and sensations of the Mediterranean create a happy environment that transmits continuous happiness, since it emulates, as we mentioned before, leisure time and vacations.

    This type of decorative style stands out for evoking warm temperatures and carefree environments, such as the beaches of Ibiza or Santorini. It is worth mentioning that this style is also characterized by giving the same importance to the interior and exterior of the homes.

    The Mediterranean style applied to decoration

    Thus, the Mediterranean style makes perfect use of the concept of disorder. Placing cushions on the sofa, placing a plaid on a bed or picking up a curtain is not done in a corseted way as it could be in other decorative styles, but is played with naturalness. The textiles are placed randomly, even creating wrinkles, something that does not disturb and promotes the naturalness of the space.

    All in all, the keys to the Mediterranean style in decoration are:

    • Lighting: natural light to enhance the beauty of homes.
    • Furniture: rustic wood, wicker or rattan furniture is the perfect one to decorate these rooms
    • Textiles: curtains, rugs and bedding made from natural materials such as cotton or linen.
    • Colors: the neutral tone palette, led by white, is the key.
    • Materials: plaster, wood and ceramic to create the floors and walls.

    Differences between rustic and modern Mediterranean style

    Within the Mediterranean style we can differentiate between rustic decoration and modern decoration. Both, although they keep the essence and present many similarities, have their distinctive elements.

    On the one hand, the rustic Mediterranean style proposes a decoration in which nature is the central element. The environments are created around it and the furniture, textiles and decoration are selected, here are some ideas for rustic living rooms with charm. On the other hand, the modern Mediterranean style is characterized by having ergonomically designed furniture with certain rustic touches and a natural finish. The combination of white with wood is very common. The absence of superfluous and overloaded elements is essential to maintain the aesthetics of this style.

    Mediterranean style tile proposals

    From Dune, as leaders in ceramic decoration, we want to propose several options of tiles so that your house breathes the Mediterranean style that we are talking about. On the one hand, the Soft & Safe series stands out for its matte finish and silky texture. With the Doria, Valencia and Gaudí collections, you have a wide range of tiles in plain tones and with hydraulic designs to create spaces inspired by the Mediterranean style.

White and blue are a hit in the Mediterranean style.
    White and blue are a hit in the Mediterranean style.

    Similarly, the Tabarca series, in a small format and with a gloss finish, has different shades of sky, navy, turquoise, honey or white, which are perfect for decorating rooms inspired by the Mediterranean style. You can combine the different models to cover kitchen or bathroom walls.

Combine Tabarca tiles to achieve a Mediterranean style.
    Combine Tabarca tiles to achieve a Mediterranean style.

    The Barro series is also a good option for your home if you want it to represent Mediterranean prints. Specifically, the Mustard model can be placed in kitchens and create a perfect environment. Its high tonelessness emulates the result of artisan work.

    Tiles with a handmade finish are a good choice to capture the Mediterranean style.
    These tiles have a handcrafted appearance.

    Undoubtedly, the Purity series in its White Gloss finish exudes simplicity and elegance. Therefore, if you opt for white as a color to decorate a Mediterranean-style home, this tile model allows you to create different combinations without breaking with the established aesthetics.

    White is always a success in decoration.
    White is always a success in decoration.

    We cannot forget the Ibiza series which, as its name indicates, is inspired by this island. This collection of tiles, combined in white with blue, stands out for its designs in small geometric shapes inspired by the Mediterranean tradition.

The Ibiza design is designed for Mediterranean decoration.

    The Ibiza design is designed for Mediterranean decoration.

    Similarly, the wall cladding tiles in the Crackle series can perfectly fit into the Mediterranean style. They stand out for their simplicity and their peculiar arrow shape, thanks to which they can bring originality to the space in which they are placed. The Snow and Laguna tones give off the keys to this decorative style.

The placement of the Crackle tile exudes originality.
    The placement of the Crackle tile exudes originality.

    To complete the proposals, the Saudade and Factory series are a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms or terraces if you are a lover of hydraulic tiles. In this case, these collections present renewed designs in a colour palette inspired by coastal areas.

    Examples of Mediterranean-style terraces

    At the beginning of this post, we commented that the Mediterranean style stands out for giving importance to all the rooms in the house, without making distinctions between interiors and exteriors. With this, what is achieved is to blend the decorative elements with the premises of natural light and connection with the environment.

    In this sense, terraces play a fundamental role in Mediterranean-style homes, as they become an element that opens the house to the sea. In addition, in this part of the house it is important to choose the distribution and decoration well, since if confinement has taught us something, it is that the terraces serve as leisure space. Therefore, do not hesitate: project a terrace that is multifunctional and where you can hold meetings with friends, sports sessions or moments of meditation and rest.

    What do you think of these proposals to create a home with Mediterranean inspiration and style?


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