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Rustic living rooms with charm: ideas for a magazine decoration

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    If there is something that does not go out of style in the decoration it is the rustic style. Years can pass and trends change that this type of interior decoration always has its space reserved. And it is that creating an environment that brings us closer to nature is something necessary to disconnect from daily stress. For this reason, the rustic decoration, thanks to its warmth, is one of the most desired among those who want their home to be as cozy as possible. So, we are going to review the keys to decorate charming rustic rooms. Go for it!

    What are the most common materials for a rustic living room?

    As we have indicated previously, rustic living rooms are defined by transmitting the concept of warmth and, therefore, wood is a material that cannot be lacking in the decoration of this type of room.

    Similarly and following the idea of ​​connection with nature, stone is also a widely used element to decorate charming rustic rooms. In addition, we cannot forget about natural fiber textiles, such as organic cotton or linen, essential in rustic interior design.

    There are also rustic-style decorations that feature ceramic elements, which represent artisan work. The decoration pieces made with materials such as wicker or jute are a great success to give a natural air to the space. To complete the decoration of charming rustic living rooms, you cannot miss furniture and decorative elements made with wrought iron.

Use wood to decorate your rustic living room with charm.
    Wood is an essential element in rustic living rooms.

    The key colours for rustic decoration

    Rustic decoration must perfectly represent well-being and comfort and, in addition to achieving this through materials, colours are essential. The chromatic range of this decorative style is inspired by nature. Therefore, the brown tones are the absolute protagonists.

    So that the rooms do not lose luminosity, light tones such as beige or gray are also usually used, with which calm and serenity are also transmitted. In addition, the range of yellows also add to the decoration of charming rustic living rooms.

For rustic living rooms you can not miss earth tones.
    Combine colors to create a rustic room.

    It is worth mentioning that the rustic style also accepts vibrant colours such as red, blue and green, which can highlight key elements of the rooms. For example, choosing the sofa, tiles or paintings with these tones serves to mark the counterpoint in the interior design.

    Important elements in a rustic decoration

    When it comes to decorating a charming rustic living room, there are several elements that cannot be missing:

    • A fireplace: if you don’t want to do work, there are currently solutions to install a fireplace in your living room without modifying the space. This element brings warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere.

    • Wooden ceilings and beams: essential to transform any space into a rustic style.

    • Sofas: the sofas in a charming rustic living room must be comfortable and, to achieve this, the cushions are the key. You can also include blankets and plaids to complete the decoration.

    • Exposed walls: leaving an exposed stone wall is essential if you want a living room to breathe a rustic atmosphere. You can opt for functional decorative solutions, if the house does not have a real wall.

    • Logs and wild flowers: to decorate the rustic environment we recommend including these elements in order to bring nature closer.

    Perfect floor and wall coverings to give a rustic touch to your living room

    At this point, we are going to talk about which floors and walls are the best to decorate a charming rustic living room. Taking into account all the aspects that we have previously analyzed, the tiles must evoke manual and artisan work, while not losing the warmth transmitted by wood.

    So, from Dune, we suggest you install our Click & Floor rigid vinyl flooring that emulates traditional parquet. This product, very easy to install, has the Chevron and Sierra models, which is perfect because it has a rustic air that stands out for its relief and its neutral and natural tones.

    Wood on the floor is perfect for rustic living rooms.
    Clik & Floor offers a wood look finish.

    On the other hand, from the Soft & Safe collection, the Valencia and Gaudí series offer you flooring with a rustic style. These 20×20 tiles have pieces in earthy colors that, combined with the hydraulic designs, give a very chic look to your decoration and create a modern rustic living room.

The brown color for rustic living room flooring.
    The floors in brown tones are the key if you want a rustic atmosphere.

    As the latest proposal for rustic pavements, we present the Terracota series, composed of porcelain tiles that reproduce the changes in tone and the marks of the natural clay surface. This series is an excellent alternative for charming rustic rooms due to its handmade appearance and its high technical performance. Terracota porcelain tile decor create a enigmatic and amazings proyects.


    The pottery effect symbolizes artisan work.

    With regard to wall tiles, the Tabarca series of small-format tiles allows you to create multiple combinations. The Honey and White colors are perfect for rustic environments and combine excellently with natural stone walls.

    To complete, we have 3 mosaics made of wood with which you can create effects within the living room. You can use it to highlight special areas.

    All in all, we hope that you can decorate your rustic living room with charm and that you create a room that evokes the utmost tranquility.


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