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Modern, contemporary and functional washbasins

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    For years, the washbasins have been the great forgotten when making a major bathroom reform. Hiding in the furniture and forgetting its many decorative possibilities as a fundamental part of the bathroom area. Fortunately, over the years we have witnessed the great resurgence of modern washbasins, which become part of the decor placed on the countertops instead of disappearing in them.

    Today we can find modern washbasins manufactured in all sorts of materials, formats and silhouettes in all decoration catalogs.

    Join us and we'll give you the decorative keys to choose the perfect washbasin for your new bathroom!

    Modern bathroom washbasins with unique designs

    In the decoration and ceramics sector we nourish from the exchange of ideas, the connection of concepts and the fusion of artistic perspectives from different fields. Hence, textile fashion often becomes the inspiration for creating new collections of washbasins and decorative tiles.

    Trendy colors are the fastest to appear in our homes. The 2019/2020 season hit the catwalks loaded with color. Valentino, along with many other designers launched iconic shades such as flamingo pink and aquamarine green, which are now a fundamental part of our Berlin collection.

    Inspiración moda Ralph Russo Valentino y lavabos modernos berlin flamingo y aquamar

    The undulations and sinuous finishes with a metallic look reached the catwalks all over the world with the rebirth of the glam aesthetics. Little by little this trend reached the world of decoration and left us with such surprising results as the Lavabo Selene Light Gold, inspired by this precious model by Alexander McQueen for Givenchy.

    Inspiración moda Alexander McQueen y Givenchy lavabos modernos para baño oro dorados

    As designers we can't wait to see how they will surprise us from haute couture in the coming seasons and reflect it, once again, in the products that will, one day, dress homes around the world.

    Types of modern washbasins

    Like technology, the world of washbasins continues to advance by leaps and bounds. New materials, new finishes and infinite colors are now available to make your washbasin the perfect complement to your powder room.

    Below we'll take a brief look at the most distinctive modern bathroom washbasin finishes so that you have all the options for your new project:

    Modern glass washbasins

    Glass countertop washbasins are easily combined with any surface: wood, marble, glass and even metal. Their simple bowl-shaped design contrasts and balances the space by counteracting the rectitude of conventional countertops, and their glass finish gives a very special shiny touch to the vanity area.This type of material is very easy to keep clean and sanitized as it is not porous or rough.

    A fantastic example of a modern glass washbasin is the elegant Lavabo Foglio di Rame , with sheets of copper leaf between its layers, leaving a very elegant look that can be combined with whites, blacks and coppers.

    Lavabos modernos de cristal cobre

    Metallic look bathroom washbasins

    Metallic look bathroom washbasins give an incredible finish to the vanity area with their interaction with light and vibrant colors.

    Sophisticated metallic PVD finishes are the result of a technological breakthrough. To achieve this quality, high-purity materials such as titanium, chromium and aluminum are evaporated. By adding other reactive components, the vapor of these metals is deposited as a coating on the washbasins. This is an environmentally friendly technique that results in shiny and resistant finishings.

    A wonderful example of a metallic-look washbasin is the Lavabo Spiga White & Rose Gold. Its glossy white ceramic interior and rose gold-toned exterior with herringbone reliefs will make the bathroom a unique place to take care of yourself.

    Lavabos metálicos modernos para baño spiga rose gold

    Artisan hand-painted washbasins

    Moving away from glossy tones, we move into the world of craftsmanship with delicate hand-painted matte washbasins.

    Inspired by the look of watered concrete, the Berlin series arrives full of possibilities for your new bathroom with six new colors to introduce the look of handcrafted washbasins into your home. Their artisanal look makes them a perfect choice to pair with solid wood countertops like the Encimera Exotic and turn your bathroom into an artisan-inspired place.

    lavabos modernos pintados a mano

    Innovative washbasin finishes

    As we were saying, decoration follows fashions and, thanks to that, incredible finishes are achieved.

    During the last few years we have seen the Iridiscent Mix trend grow, which aims to surprise through iridescent shades, a proposal full of creativity with a pop touch. The result of this new trend are contemporary and futuristic spaces where bright and colorful highlights are the protagonist.

    This trend has inspired the Iris Satin and Rainbow washbasins, two completely opposite models but with the same result, the iridescent finish.

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