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Comprehensive bathroom renovations: everything you to know

In this article we talk about:

    Over the years, the bathroom in a home needs a change. Whether it is to update its aesthetics, to change its distribution or to change the elements that show wear and tear, renovating a bathroom is a must. In addition, it is true that many people who acquire new construction homes tend to change some other element of the bathroom.

    For this reason, it is essential that an organization exists to carry out comprehensive bathroom renovations: establishing and setting deadlines is important to ensure that the change does not become a nightmare. We will tell you about it in the following lines!

    To carry out comprehensive bathroom renovations, the first step is to analyze the current situation of the room and decide what you want to do with it to improve it. Having the advice and experience of a professional team is key if you do not want the works to be a disaster. Renovation company, architect, interior designer, creative studio … There are countless options to lead and undertake a reform, regardless of which part of the house you want to reform. You just have to decide what kind of help you need.

    Once you have taken the first step, we recommend that you follow the advice that we offer below so that any comprehensive renovation of a bathroom is a success.

    What order should I follow when doing comprehensive bathroom renovations?

    Establishing an order to achieve efficiency, productivity and speed in the process is essential. If you opt for a complete bathroom renovation, the sequence of work you must follow is as follows:

    • Changes in the structure and distribution of the room.
    • Preparation of walls, floors and ceilings.
    • Electrical installation and plumbing work.
    • Floor coverings and wall coverings.
    • Installation of toilets.
    • Installation of taps, lighting, switches and furniture.

    What elements to change in comprehensive bathroom renovations?

    When making the radical change in a bathroom, you not only have to think about the aesthetics of the room, but also about functionality and efficiency. It is necessary to detect what problems the current bathroom presents and look for changes that provide solutions.

    However, when doing a bathroom renovation, you must pay attention to:

    • Floor and wall coverings: bathroom tiles must be resistant to moisture, non-slip and of quality to guarantee their durability.
    • Toilets: it is essential to assess the design and space to choose the toilet that best suits you. Functional sinks are a perfect choice.
    • Bathtub or shower tray: you have to assess the needs and the use to choose one option or another.
    • Furniture and storage: remember that, if you want to keep order, the furniture must have the capacity to store everything you need.
    • Lighting: light is key to giving warmth to the space and making it a pleasant room.
    Playing with the lights will help you create different environments in a bathroom.

    The 4 most frequently asked questions about comprehensive bathroom renovations

    Surely, you are also asking yourself questions about the bathroom reform. Knowing time, budget or recommended materials are questions that anyone asks when thinking about changing this room. Pay attention that we solve the most frequent doubts.

    How much do comprehensive bathroom renovations cost?

    The price of a bathroom renovation depends on what is going to be changed. In the case of comprehensive reforms, all the work that is going to be undertaken must be valued. What we recommend is that you set a variable budget (with a maximum limit) and, based on that amount, choose the elements.

    You also have to take into account if you have to make changes in the plumbing and electrical installations, as well as if you want to change the toilets, the taps, the floors and the coverings of the bathrooms. In the case of comprehensive bathroom renovations, it must also be borne in mind that the furniture that decorates the room must be changed.

    Therefore, the total amount you are going to spend depends on the workmanship you choose, the qualities you include and the finishes you choose.

    How long does it take to make a comprehensive reform of a bathroom?

    The estimated time it takes to completely reform a bathroom will depend on the size of the room, the number of masons who are working or the availability of the pieces and materials used. Therefore, if you do not want to be surprised and be safe, the ideal is that the professional in charge of the reform will give you an estimate of the time you need for the comprehensive reform.

    It is worth mentioning that if the bathroom reform is not comprehensive, the time will depend on the type of work to be carried out and the complexity involved. In this sense, it is not the same to change the furniture or sanitary ware, install a new flooring or cladding or modify the electrical installation or plumbing.

    What should I assess when making a comprehensive reform of a bathroom?

    When making a comprehensive reform of a bathroom, users tend to be clear about what needs they have and what they want to change. However, it is important that you value certain aspects that may go unnoticed and are essential to guarantee the durability of the stay.

    So, if your bathroom is more than 15 years old, the pipes are probably made of galvanized steel or lead, and will therefore leak and become damaged over time. If the bathroom is old, the cistern will not be as efficient as possible, since it will not have 2 buttons and each time you pull it you will be wasting many liters of water. In addition, surely the bathroom includes a bidet, a toilet that is of little use and limits the space of the room. Likewise, the current furniture is perfect to show a clean image of the bathroom, since they are the key to storage.

    Finally, the passage of time clearly affects the trends in decoration and, as a rule, the tiles in the bathroom will have been outdated. In this sense, if you decide to change the flooring and cladding, we recommend combining tiles in neutral tones with hydraulic tiles or small-format tiles.

    The small format is a good option to update the style of your bathroom.

    What flooring to put in the bathroom?

    When doing a comprehensive reform in your bathroom, you must choose the flooring that you are going to put on. To do this, it must be taken into account that this room is characterized by being exposed to humidity and sudden changes in temperature. In this sense, you have to choose well to guarantee durability over time.

    • Hydraulic tiles for the bathroom:

    Hydraulic bathroom tiles are a fantastic option if you want to combine style, originality and comfort. At Dune we have designed the Soft & Safe collection, with the Doria, Valencia and Gaudí series. These 20 × 20 porcelain tiles stand out for their silky finish and high anti-slip performance. These characteristics make them an excellent option for bathroom flooring.

    • Imitation parquet flooring for the bathroom:

    It is true that parquet looks great in any room in the house, but it must be taken into account that wood requires high care and proper maintenance to ensure its durability. For this reason, we have developed a wood-look vinyl flooring option that perfectly combines the aesthetics of wood with the necessary features for a room such as the bathroom

    Click & Floor is an elegant rigid vinyl flooring, with a natural finish, high quality and easy installation. Thanks to its Eir Embossing technology, the relief of the pieces matches the knots of the wood, thus achieving a very real appearance.

    Vinyl flooring fits perfectly in the bathroom.

    In summary, if you are thinking of joining the comprehensive bathroom renovations, do not hesitate to follow this guide and set your priorities. Need help selecting flooring and cladding tiles? We are here!

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