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Choosing wood effect vinyl flooring for home

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    When we are looking for a new floor for our home we have to take into account many elements to make the final choice. But when it comes to looking for a cozy and pleasant environment, new generation wood effect vinyl flooring is the best option.

    Today we are talking about the new options for wood flooring decoration, which are easier to install and maintain.

    SPC vinyl flooring

    SPC rigid vinyl flooring is new pavement that, unlike the old wood or laminate floors, are 100% waterproof, so they offer a lot of resistance compared to their predecessors.

    coverings 2021

    Easy and practical. can be laid over most pre-existing floors with little preparation. Its hermetic click system reinforces the joins between slats, allowing a quick and safe installation. Easy to maintain and to clean, just with vacuuns, mops and conventional cleaners. A perfect solution for quick renovations of homes and commercial premises, without dirt or annoying noise. Ready to use just after installaton.

    Durable and resistant to temperature changes and sunlight. Its rigid core does not transfer little subfloor imperfections and its wear layer protects it against heavy furniture marks and scratches, making it an ideal floor for homes with pets.

    Cozy and comfortable. Walking barefoot on Click&Floor is a really pleasant. Warm and pleasant like natural wood and, at the same time, technical and silent thanks to its acoustic insulation. It is also suitable for underfloor heating. 100% waterproof, you can lay it in bathrooms and kitchens allowing the use of the same floor throughout the house, without joints or unsightly transitions.

    It takes care of you, it takes care of the earth. Antibacterial and free of harmful plastics, a safe floor for the whole family and for the planet, as it is 100% recyclable and sustainable. Besides, if you move house, you can easily reuse it.

    Vinyl flooring for bathrooms

    As we have already mentioned, SPC wood effect vinyl flooring can be installed throughout the house for its high resistance to dirt and humidity, so you can enjoy a warm pavement also in the bathroom area.

    Here is a beautiful example of vinyl flooring for the bathroom with the new Click&Floor series by Dune Cerámica. A moderate rustic touch with Sierra, a design that stands out for its neutral and natural tones, as well as for the characteristic saw marks of its relief. With a length of 153 cm, it is very versatile for both public and private projects.

    Combined with an artisan-inspired tile, it becomes that perfect touch that brings together the personality of the whole space: a warm and pleasant environment, traditionally inspired but with the latest technology in wood effect vinyl flooring.

    suelos vinílicos SPC imitación madera para baño

    Vinyl kitchen floors

    The kitchen needs to be a clean and dirt-resistant environment, but there's nothing that SPC can't handle.

    Playing with kitchen flooring has never been more fun. What do you think of this beautiful idea? You can combine tiles with wood in your kitchen to give it an innovative touch. Multi Nogal is Click&Floor's most dynamic series thanks to its planks in three different widths, its 123 cm length is perfect for small spaces!

    suelos vinílicos SPC imitación madera para cocina

    Vinyl flooring installation

    Wood effect vinyl flooring let us play endlessly with their shapes, being a very versatile floor to let your creativity flow in the new space.

    The short plank series such as Chevron, allows us to place it in many ways: forming a herringbone (1 and 2) in double chevron shape (3) and even play with blocks (4). Very innovative but at the same time classic formats that will give a distinctive touch to the room.

    Colocación suelos vinílicos imitación madera chevron espiga

    The Multi Nogal series, consisting of slats of three different widths, is created to combine with each other and create a regular pattern.

    Colocación suelos vinílicos imitación madera multi nogal

    The Roble and Sierra series, due to their long and regular designs, allow any type of design.

    Colocación suelos vinílicos imitación madera sierra roble

    The installation of Clic&Floor is very simple thanks to its click system, so easy that you can do it yourself with very basic tools. Discover how to do it in our video by clicking here.

    Floor maintenance

    For the cleaning and maintenance of SPC vinyl flooring you won't need any special products or tools. A broom or vacuum cleaner will be enough to remove dust and a damp mop or steam mop with products recommended for vinyl floors, avoiding abrasive cleaners, bleach or wax.

    It is very important not to slide furniture over the new floor, since it could damage its surface. But in case you have suffered a mishap, you can replace the damaged pieces yourself. Find out how in our video by clicking here.

    suelos vinílicos SPC imitación madera

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