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Tips for choosing tiles

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    Follow these tips to make the right choice when choosing tiles for your spaces:

    Choosing sizes

    For small rooms, choose elongated formats, such as 30x90, as they help to balance the space. If tiled in horizontal, small rooms look lengthened.

    azulejos alargados dispuestos en horizontal

    If tiled in vertical, the corridor effect is softened. If we add a border tile also in vertical position, the room will look shorter.

    Azulejos alargados dispuestos en vertical

    Colour power

    For small spaces, choose light nuances like white, beige and grey. Also, if a tile and a mosaic - both in light nuances – are combined, we will distinguish different areas in a room and take the most of its volume.

    dos secciones

    In oblong rooms, we can reduce the space appearance using glass and ceramic tiles in vertical position. If we additionally use contrasting colours, the effect will be even stronger. In rooms with high ceilings, we can create a shortening effect by tiling the highest row of the wall with glass tiles or mosaics in a dark colour in combination with the ceiling colour.

    Azulejos más oscuros en la parte alta de la pared

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