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AUTUMN 2021. Trends to redecorate your kitchen with style

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    New season, new time of year and new image for your home. The arrival of autumn marks the date for the wardrobe change: we are leaving behind summer clothes and we are already beginning to think about jackets and long pants. Similarly, knitted or woolen textiles, carpets, curtains and, of course, the color palette that reflects this season of the year also take center stage at home. It is worth mentioning that, when decorating the rooms of the house, many people forget about the kitchen and this fact is a mistake, since a large part of daily life takes place in it. Family meals, Sunday breakfasts or dinners with friends are more than enough reasons for the kitchen to be one of the top rooms in your home. Therefore, if you don’t want to be left behind, pay close attention to autumn trends to redecorate your kitchen with style. Let’s do it!

    Remember that, regardless of whether your kitchen is minimalist, Nordic, with an industrial finish or rustic-inspired, there are always options to redecorate this room with style.

    How to redecorate your kitchen with style?

    The essential thing to make your kitchen look like something out of a magazine is not to lose sight of the trends that mark the current decoration.

    1. Bet on opening your kitchen to the living room

    Open kitchens broke into the design landscape with force. What many saw as a mistake, people looking for functionality above all took it as the great opportunity to turn kitchens into infinite spaces. Kitchens open to the living room are already a classic in the most modern homes.

    If you are one of those who still have the kitchen as an independent room, do not think about it and take the step: redecorate your kitchen with style by pulling the partitions and expanding the space. As an alternative, if you have not just been convinced to join the kitchen to the rest of the house, you can opt for a glass enclosure with an industrial finish and eliminate the wall that connects the kitchen with the rest of the house.

    A kitchen open to the living room allows infinite possibilities.

    Also, if you choose to open the kitchen to the living room, you can use the placement of the tiles to differentiate different areas within the same space. In this sense, cover the kitchen wall where the stove area is located with a small piece tile. You can also use mosaic to create visual details on the walls. Also, if you want to create a carpet in your kitchen, hydraulic tile is the best option.

    2. Flood the kitchen with earthy colors

    Adding touches of color to a room, based on seasonal tones, is a great option to redecorate your kitchen with style. The palette of this fall 2021 goes from camel, beige and ocher, going through yellow and reaching green. In addition, to give this room of the house a spin, the latest trends also point to lilac and metallic sparkles.

    Therefore, if you want to use color to redecorate your kitchen, you can choose to change the curtains, the furniture door handles or include a painting on the main wall. In this way, you will be able to give a new appearance to this part of the house.

    However, if you want to make a radical change, nothing better than choosing to change the kitchen floor or wall tiles and adapt it to the autumn trends. In this sense, at Dune, we work with the PVD technique to give our tiles a different appearance. With this decorative technique we cover the pieces with a metallic layer that enhances any characteristic of the surface it covers: gloss, details, relief, irregularities and nuances. Thanks to this work, with the PVD decorative effects are achieved with which the brightness is enhanced and interesting games of light and shadow are created.

    3. Create a fall atmosphere with natural textures

    This fall the time has come to choose natural materials and textures to decorate your kitchen. For example, we recommend you go for tablecloths and kitchen towels made with organic cotton and natural fibers. In addition, if you are one of those people who have a roller blind or curtain, it is time to change it and choose a piece of organic fabric, more durable and easy to wash.

    The Stripes series of tiles offers finishes that imitate natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen.

    At Dune we also bet on natural textures and we have the Stripes series, within the Shapes collection. These pieces emulate textile finishes on tiles and, among them, linen stands out. Thanks to the tiles in this range you can redecorate your kitchen with style, creating a neutral and natural environment.

    4. Connect with the environment

    Creating your own green space within your kitchen is possible. Something as easy as placing an indoor plant, such as Kentia or Banana, is the key to turning this room in the house into a perfect space. You can also redecorate your kitchen this fall with wildflowers and aromatic plants that add a touch of color.

    This biophilic design belongs to the Chicago collection.

    However, if you want to go further and turn your kitchen into a space that recreates the essence of the environment, the Botanic Warm model, from the Chicago series, is a complete biophilic inspiration for your kitchen. The tile prints recreate plant species and are combined with geometric figures to give your kitchen a very fresh look.

    5. Choose marble for a chic touch

    Finally, if you want to redecorate your kitchen with style, this autumn you should not forget about marble. This natural material brings elegance and exclusivity to any room in the house. You can choose accessories such as tableware or kitchen accessories to introduce the marble into the decoration.

    The tiles with a marble effect finish combine the elegance of this material with the features for everyday use.

    It is worth mentioning that at Dune we make wall and floor tiles that perfectly combine the aesthetic qualities of marble with the functional features that a kitchen requires. For this reason, we design pieces, in different formats, that have marble finishes and, for this fall, the Baikal, Theia&Caronte series stand out.

    What do you think of these tips to redecorate your kitchen with style this autumn? You know, with taste and imagination, you can turn this room in your home into a totally new space adapted to the latest trends. From Dune, we invite you to take a look at our online catalog to discover all our variety of tiles.

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