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188712 - D1100

TIARA 60X120

60x120 cm./23.6x47.2in. | Thickness: 9mm

Elegant tile with an Art Deco-inspired design, straight from the Great Gatsby era. Perfect for adding a touch of luxury and glamour to any room. Its geometric design with golden rounded shapes on a dark background gives it a timeless elegance.

The Black & Light Calacatta series is inspired by Calacatta Black, a rare North African marble prized for its dramatic and expressive personality. The collection reinvents the classic black and white concept by offering new shades and designs in a creative exercise that reinterprets marble to give it a modern twist. As a result, the unmistakable style of the new Calacatta series can be used to create both a classic and contemporary feel, and it’s this versatility that makes it a unique collection.




  • 1.389
  • 2
  • 31.8
  • 70.107
  • 20
  • 1.44
  • 28.8



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