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Big Brother

The eighteenth edition of Big Brother (Spain) surprised not only because of its contestants, but also because of the colourful decoration and mix of styles.

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A reality TV relief

Witness to discussions and moments of passion, the Luna relief, from the Shapes collection, has seen up to 100 people parade through the Guadalix de la Sierra house, the most popular on television. The designer of this tile, Bárbara Ruisánchez, explains the inspiration behind it: "As the name suggests, I was inspired by the moon. I have always been attracted by this satellite that seems to appear and disappear depending on the point from which we look at it. Also according to its different phases, in which we can appreciate it mostly as a crescent moon that degrades until it disappears, hence the inclination of the relief until it merges with the wall".

The versatility of this piece and its chromatic range, beyond white, make Luna an ideal relief for decorating rooms, especially those with natural lighting, as it enhances the play of light and shadow. The same goes for the rest of the Shapes collection, which is inspired by nature and the play of curved and subtle shapes.

Undoubtedly, in this design, the displacement of the circle on the tile stands out, symbolising the different positions of the moon in the sky, so that "depending on where you look at the tile from, the inclination produces a different vision, marking more or softening this relief. You will never see the same piece the same way from the different points where you can see it", explains the designer.

We are very pleased that our tile has reached one of the most watched programmes on Spanish television, giving visibility to our product and our brand.

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