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Hexagonal tiles, a design trend with infinite possibilities

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    It is clear that the format of a tile makes all the difference in decoration. Covering a room with tiles offers multiple possibilities and creates the desired atmosphere in each project. Eye-catching, modern, vintage, contemporary, eclectic spaces... Everything is possible by combining tile formats and, increasingly, hexagonal pieces are taking centre stage. This type of shape opens up a wide range of creative possibilities for professionals. Therefore, and taking into account that hexagonal tiles are pure trend in interior design, in the following lines we are going to give you the keys to decorate with this type of format without losing sight of the current trends.

    How to decorate with hexagonal tiles?

    The first thing you have to bear in mind is the options that hexagonal tiles offer you when decorating:

    • Hexagonal tiles as cladding:

    Hexagonal tiles can be used as an element to cover walls, both completely and partially. For this, when laying them, it is essential to measure the space well and adapt the shape of the pieces.

    • Hexagonal tiles as flooring:

    Similarly, hexagon-shaped tiles can also be used as flooring in a room. As with the cladding, it is important to distribute the tiles well and avoid having to cut the pieces. They can also be laid over the entire floor of a room or partially, creating a more differentiated space.

    • Hexagonal tiles as a decorative element:

    In addition to the two previous options, hexagonal tiles can be used to give a sophisticated touch to an environment, highlight a certain space on the walls or create a kind of carpet that delimits the space. Imagination and creativity are essential.

    It is worth mentioning that rooms covered with hexagonal tiles acquire another dimension and combine perfectly with any decorative style. We could say that they are all-terrain tiles and that if they are combined together they can result in true works of art.

    Hexagonal tiles to give style and personality to the bathroom

    At Dune, as experts in ceramics, we believe that hexagon-shaped tiles give style and personality to the bathroom. For this reason, we propose 3 ways of laying them that enhance the decoration.

    • Hexagonal tiles in the shower: we can place this ceramic format on the wall of the bathroom area or also as a shower tray, always taking into account the non-slip properties of each tile.

    • Hexagonal tiles on the bathroom wall: another option is to cover the sink and mirror area with hexagon-shaped tiles to highlight this space.
    • Hexagonal tiles on the bathroom floor: this type of format can be laid as a tile and create a ceramic carpet.
      Decorate a different kind of kitchen with hexagonal tiles. 

    This type of tile format can also be used to cover floors or walls in the kitchen. Whether homogeneously and uniformly or combined with other ceramic pieces, hexagons bring versatility, depth and dynamism to the space.

    Moreover, taking into account that this type of tile facilitates the creation of more creative spaces, hexagonal tiles are increasingly used to decorate the bench area or the front of the kitchen. All this, combined with the rest of the environment.

    Colour trends in hexagonal tiles 

    If we have spoken throughout the post that hexagonal tiles stand out for their originality, this aspect is enhanced by the use of colour.  In this sense, as ceramic professionals, we design pieces that cover wide chromatic ranges to satisfy the needs of the most demanding users and professionals.

    However, we highlight several chromatic ranges:

    Green hexagonal tiles

    Trends in decoration increasingly point towards biophilic architecture and the connection with the environment and, for this reason, the colour green cannot be missing in decoration. 

    Blue hexagonal tiles 

    The blue hexagonal tiles are also worth mentioning, as they are so suitable for creating Mediterranean-style rooms. When used as flooring or cladding in a bathroom, the design can emulate the connection to the ocean.

    White hexagonal tiles 

    Undoubtedly, white is the neutral colour par excellence and, for this reason, it cannot be missing in the ceramic proposals. White hexagonal tiles can be used to combine with others to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

    Collections such as Magnet, Chicago or Berlin offer hexagonal tiles in a wide range of colours to cover all kinds of decorative styles. What do you think of our proposal?

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