Exa Aquamar Bathroom

This bathroom is a project made by the French studio Secrets Déco. Functionality and warmth in their pure state.

Pictures of the project

Mediterranean essence in the heart of l’Île-de-France

This private bathroom located in Orsay, gives to transmit all the rusticity and warmth of the Mediterranean. Despite the proximity between this town and the capital of France, the Secrets Déco studio gives to being dissociated from the Parisian style.

Thanks to the use of light colours, wood, plants and porcelain tiles a cosy aspect is given. Choosing pieces from the Berlin collection is always an ideal option to add warmth to any room. The Secrets Deco studio has opted for the Marina tile for the bathroom flooring. In this way, it brings the room to life and gives it personality. Furthermore, for lining part of the washbasin wall, it has used the Berlin Exa Aquamar Matt tile. This tile in hexagon format is, without a doubt, an excellent option to make this bathroom more comfortable.

The aquamarine tones of both pieces give this room some fresh air. Without a doubt, a successful investment.

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