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Black and white combinations for home

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    Black and white is the most popular combination for its balanced, elegant and sophisticated effect while remaining a modern and timeless choice. You agree, right? Well, today we bring you the best combinations for every room in the home, are you ready? Let's get to it!

    Black and white bathrooms

    We know that the bathroom is one of the first rooms to be renovated after a move or a complete makeover. This is why we bring you fresh ideas in decoration with black and white tiles so you can show off your new bathroom to all your guests.

    Modern black and white bathrooms

    If you are a daring person, what about a bathroom with a predominance of black over white? Take a look at this bathroom example.We love the idea of separating the wall into two sections, top white and bottom black with the delicate rug with our Yang decor that balances the energy of the room. Don't forget to complement the black and white look with a countertop washbasin like the Lavabo Madison.

    Get inspired by Ying and Yang and balance the Feng Shui of your home!

    Combinaciones en blanco y negro para baño

    A more luminous and discreet option, but without leaving behind the power of this combination on the rooms is the white Calacatta marble with its Marmolissima decoration. A soft option that, combined with more black accessories such as the Lavabo Marquina, will energize this special room giving it a very fancy touch.

    baño combinación azulejos blanco y negro

    Combination for small bathrooms

    To achieve perfect combinations of tiles for small bathrooms is essential to choose to highlight the white tones, so you can play with the light and give a greater sense of spaciousness to the room. Therefore, glossy finishes are your ally, by refracting the light you will get that spacious effect that we were looking for. But this does not stop you from combining white with touches of black, you just have to know how!

    In case your bathroom is not only small, but also has low ceilings, the best option is to play with the sizes and placement of the tiles. Try using elongated tiles and placing them vertically, so you get the feeling of high ceilings in the bathroom. Just look at these examples with the new Losanga White combined with a black painted wall and the Hexaline Black hexagon on the floor.

    Combinación azulejos blanco y negro en baño pequeño

    A more classical example but with the same concept is this one with Flat White Matt and Gloss on the wall, combined discreetly with touches of black on the floor tiles.

    Combinación azulejos blanco y negro en baño pequeño

    Black and white living room

    The living room is the perfect place to shine with the decoration, choose the perfect combination to surprise everyone!

    A trend that is becoming more and more popular is to place majestic white marble on the floor and combine it with a wall painted in a dark tone, elegant but not too ornate, what do you think? Join the Modern Glam decoration trend!

    Combinación azulejos blanco y negro en salon

    Black and white kitchen

    Incorporate black and white decor in the kitchen for a clean, modern look that highlights the perfection of straight lines. This combination will help you to make your kitchen look like an immaculate and very modern space.

    This time we show you a very special black and white combination: white tile in square format on the wall and hexagonal tile on the floor in charcoal tones, both from the new Chicago series.

    Combinación azulejos blanco y negro en cocina

    Combination in outdoor areas

    Finally, let's not forget about the outdoors. Give a special touch to your patio or terrace with black and white tile combinations, a perfect option for wide and open spaces in which to spend your free time.

    Check out the peaked detail on the wall of this modern ethnic-inspired porch, don't you just love it? Black&White is the perfect choice to achieve such an attractive finish in outdoor decor.

    Combinación azulejos blanco y negro en exteriores patio terraza

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