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Choosing ceramic tile floors for your home

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    Ceramic floors are, without a doubt, the most versatile and resistant option when it comes to choosing a new flooring for your home.

    Their infinite options and designs on the market mean that no matter what style you are looking for when decorating your home, there will always be the perfect option for your project: from small traditional hydraulic tiles to large imitation marble mantles.

    Join us in this short summary to find out which ceramic floor tiles to choose for your home:

    Ceramic flooring for living rooms

    The living room is the introduction letter from your home to all your guests, which makes it the ideal place to make an statement. As we said, ceramics has that innate ability to recreate a multitude of trends, so you can find the perfect tile to transform your space into a special place.

    Here we bring you two on-trend options for ceramic flooring for living rooms:


    Among the most influential trends for the home in recent years, we find industrial-inspired spaces. The "cement look" aims to create environments based on modernity, with a lot of strength and personality over the room.

    Encouraged by the aesthetics of the incredible minimalist studios in Manhattan, we decided to design Fancy: a ceramic tile with a cement look born to balance the spaces between the sobriety of cement and the softness of its touch. A perfect tile for living room floors and walls.

    suelo de cerámica imitación cemento

    Polished marbles

    Marble is always a safe bet to dress the living room floor with ceramic tiles. A clean, resistant, timeless and easy to combine option that will fill with brightness and sophistication a space as important as the living room.

    Among our latest bets you can choose between Calacatta Superwhite and Perlanova, two large format marbles with which you will fill the space with the delicacy of its veins.


    Ceramic floors for kitchens

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, an environment that must be cherished and whose materials are resistant and easy to clean to endure the day-to-day movement. Every day more and more is being invested in the decoration of this special room of the house and we get wonderful examples of trends for the kitchen.

    Are you looking for a new ceramic floor for the kitchen? Read on.


    New colors and shapes in ceramic kitchen flooring never fail to surprise us. Hexagons are one of the most fashionable ceramic tile formats. They reflect modernity and offer dynamism to the room.

    In our new Chicago series you can find this wonderful example with Olive and White Cotton shades, but you can combine any of its seven colors, do you dare?

    Azulejos hexagonales para cocina verde y blanco

    Industrial inspiration

    For kitchens with a more sober line with black and white colors, very trendy, the industrial-inspired tiles create a more daring look. Cements and metals add a touch of intensity to the kitchen. And if you're not sure, check out this amazing example with Diurne Oxide, a tile that looks like an rusted metal sheet, but with the warmth and softness of the ceramic product.

    Get to trick your guests with this incredible suggestion!

    Azulejo inspiración industrial metálico para cocina

    Ceramic floors for bathrooms

    In the bathroom we have the most personal room of the home, it is very important that there we can find a warm and cozy space in which to feel safe. Therefore, we are going to show you soft and cozy trends but with that touch of style that we are always looking for in ceramic flooring for bathrooms:


    Stone is perfect to give a rustic touch to the bathroom floor, but also warmth. The soft reliefs of the Karakter series, inspired by the strength of nature, accentuate its natural look and timeless appeal.

    Karakter Light was created to remove the coldness of a material as natural as stone, designing it in colors that transmit peacefulness and comfort in spaces as valuable as the bathroom.

    Azulejos rústicos efecto piedra para baño


    Hydraulic tiles turn any room into a special space. Increasingly in trend, the patterns inspired by the old hydraulic tiles return to give your bathrooms a touch between tradition and modernity.

    The Saudade series, inspired by classic Portuguese tiles, is full of hydraulic tile options for the bathroom to complete the perfect look.

    azulejos cerámicos hidráulicos para baño

    Outdoor ceramic tile flooring

    The most important thing in choosing the perfect outdoor ceramic tile is to look for the one that is most resistant to adverse weather conditions. Such as long summer sunny afternoons, winter snows or the most intense downpours.

    Here we are going to present you two good options divided into large and small format, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

    Large format

    The large format is perfect for modern-inspired environments in which to create a visual effect of spaciousness.

    We present you an example with Berlin Bone, a tile from the Berlin series, a very resistant series with a watery cement look available in an infinite range of colors, formats and finishes.

    Azulejo cerámico de gran formato para exterior

    Small format

    The small format is perfect for rustic and traditional inspired exteriors. Adding small decorations such as borders or touches of color is perfect for highlighting areas around tables or other prominent areas of the patio.

    A very interesting option is the Terracotta series in all its shades, combined with its decorations, designed almost exclusively for terraces and patios. Terracota tiles are essential to create a new stile in a proyect


    How to clean ceramic tile floors

    Ceramic floors are very easy to clean and maintain, that is why they are the most chosen option in such complicated areas as the kitchen and the bathroom.

    To clean ceramic tile floors, the first step is to remove all dust particles and dirt from the surface with a broom or a vacuum cleaner with the right attachment for hard floors.

    After having removed the remains of dirt it is important to carry out a proper deep cleaning and disinfection of the surface. The easiest way to do this is to use a mop or cleaning cloth with a specific product for ceramic floors diluted in water.

    For resistant stains, such as dirt accumulated in the joints, other instruments can be used, such as a toothbrush or a steam cleaner.

    As you can see, cleaning and disinfecting ceramic floors can be done in very simple and quick steps.

    We hope we have inspired and helped you in your choice for the new ceramic floor in your home.

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