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Decorating in earthy tones: calm, warmth and a touch of nature

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    Creating pleasant, calm, soft, warm and serene atmospheres is easier thanks to decoration in earth tones. A very extensive chromatic palette that ranges from the lightest beige to the darkest brown, also including sandy, reddish or even ochre and orange tones. However, they are all colours with roots and links to nature, capable of provoking a great feeling of wellbeing and relaxation but, above all, of home.

    Decoration in earth tones has many advantages, including the fact that the chromatic range of which it is composed combines with everything and also combines perfectly with each other. Therefore, we obtain the perfect blank canvas, with which we can express any decorative style and with which we can create a calm and cosy space that never goes out of fashion.

    Main characteristics of decoration in earth tones

    As we have said, earth tones have become a captivating choice that brings with it a sense of calm and connection with nature. To incorporate this chromatic palette into the decoration of your home or your next project, here we explain the main characteristics that you should take into account to create a space that captivates and captivates.

    - Nature at home. Decoration in earthy colours is inspired by the beauty of nature, using tones such as browns, beiges, greens and terracottas, which make us think of forests, trees, sandy beaches and which help us to get away and disconnect from reality. By integrating these colours into your home, you will achieve a direct connection with the earth and its elements, creating a harmonious and serene atmosphere.

    - Versatility without limits. One of the great advantages of this palette is its versatility. From neutral tones to richer, more vibrant hues, earthy colours adapt to any style and preference. Experiment with combinations to personalise your space and reflect your own essence.

    - Warmth that embraces. Looking for a cosy atmosphere? Earthy colours offer a warmth that embraces, ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Transform these spaces into peaceful havens where you can relax and unwind from the hectic pace of everyday life.

    - Natural materials and charming textures. Earthy décor is enhanced by incorporating natural materials such as wood, stone and fibre. These elements not only add fascinating textures, but also enhance the authenticity and connection to nature in this type of interior design.

    - Timeless elegance. Decorating in earth tones is synonymous with timeless elegance. Unlike fleeting trends, this palette endures over time, offering a classic style that never goes out of style.

    Decorating in earth tones in different rooms of the home

    Decoration in earth tones is perfect for generating spaciousness and creating calm spaces, so it can be applied to any room in the home, with the bedroom and the living room being the main places where this decoration has a place.

    - Living room in earth tones. In the living room, look for earth tones such as browns, beige and olive green for furniture and walls. Avoid uniformity and flatness by choosing two shades of the same colour (one lighter and one darker) and combining them together. For example, use a darker shade for the wall behind the sofa and a lighter shade for the ceiling.

    On the other hand, you can also add cushions and blankets in soft textures to create a cosy feel. Introduce plants in ceramic pots and complement with wooden elements to achieve that connection with nature.

    - Bedroom in earthy tones. Transform your bedroom into a serene sanctuary by using soft earth tones in bedding, curtains and rugs. Opt for natural wood furniture to add warmth and incorporate ambient lighting with table lamps and candles in earth tones to create a cosy and relaxing ambience. Earth-toned tiles to cover the floor or the wall behind the headboard are also an excellent choice for that signature warmth.

    - Warm and functional kitchens in earth tones. In the kitchen, you can apply the earthy palette through tiles in terracotta tones, ceramic accessories and kitchen utensils in natural woods. Combine these elements with countertops in neutral tones to maintain a visual balance. This way you will achieve a spacious, bright and warm kitchen without losing personality and falling into that too impersonal feeling of all-white kitchens.

    - Bathrooms reminiscent of hotel spas. Transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis by using earth tones in towels, shower curtains and accessories. Tiles in neutral tones or terracotta can provide a serene backdrop.

    How to apply earth tone decoration

    - Walls in earth tones. Start with the walls, the fundamental canvas of your home. Opt for soft earth colours, such as beige, browns and muted greens, to create a neutral and serene base. This palette will provide the perfect backdrop for the rest of the décor.

    - Furniture that inspires warmth. Select furniture in earthy tones, such as natural wood tables, sofas in terracotta tones or upholstered chairs in warm hues. These elements will not only add warmth, but also create a sense of connection with nature.

    - Textiles in natural tones. Introduce textiles into your décor, such as curtains, rugs and cushions, in earthy colours. Opt for soft materials and varied textures to add layers of comfort and style. Earth tones in textiles are also ideal for balancing the colour palette in the space.

    - Decorative details. Incorporate decorative details in earth tones to add character to your home. Ceramic vases, paintings with warm tones, and wooden decorative elements are excellent choices. These small details create cohesion in the design and add a touch of natural elegance.

    - Tiles in earth tones. Another of the options for including earthy tones in decoration is to do so by using tiles in any of the earth tones (from beige to dark brown). We are not going to lie to you, this is our favourite option and, for this reason, we are going to see what options we have at Dune, as experts in ceramic wall and floor tiles, to incorporate decoration in these tones through ceramic tiles.

    Tiles in earth tones to create warm and cosy spaces

    Brown tiles: a classic for walls and floors

    Within the wide chromatic variety of earth tones, we start with brown tiles, a classic in interior decoration and also in the cladding of patios and terraces. Moreover, tiles in this colour stand out for the diversity of their textures, as they can imitate brick, stone and even wood.


    We begin our journey through our tiles in earth tones with one of our classics: the Agadir series. In its shades Agadir Cotto Claro Matt and Agadir Cotto Oscuro Matt and in its two formats, this tile is perfect for creating warm and serene atmospheres. A great proof of this are the following images, in which we can see from kitchens to terraces and restoration projects in which this tone is combined with other blues, greens or whites, to achieve that neutral, calm and cosy space.

    We continue our journey and land in Barcelona, one of the cities where the iconic world-famous architect Gaudí developed much of his work. Inspired by him, these three tiles (Gaudí Canela, Aribau and Capricho) that combine earthy colours with geometric patterns are also a great ally for creating warm and harmonious interior spaces.

    We now turn to a great classic: terracotta-coloured tiles. Terracotta Cotto, Terracotta Decor Cotto and Terracotta Teja are the options we propose to include this colour in the decoration of any type of project (from cafés to terraces).

    In the journey we are taking through the small tiles in earth tones, we now come to the Berlin series, which also offers us various possibilities in these chromatic varieties: Berlin Terra Glossy, Berlin Terra Matt, Berlin Exa Terra Matt and Nude. In the following images we show some ways of using them to give that serene and warm touch so characteristic of these shades, from kitchens to bathrooms.

    We now fly to Tabarca and Chicago to discover tiles in earth tones, but in their most yellowish and orangey tones, respectively. Tabarca Miel and Chicago Ginger are two perfect examples to see how decoration in earth tones can also veer towards other more intense shades but which are still, equally, linked to nature and which are capable of creating that cosy and calm effect.

    Tiles in shades of beige: brightness, clarity and versatility

    Now it's time for beige tiles, an earth tone that stands out for its ability to give light and clarity to spaces and for its versatility to adapt to any style. It is also a perfect tone to combine with other earth colours or even to create strong contrasts with more intense colours such as blues or greens.


    In this chromatic range we start with shades that remind us of the sand on the beach and fill spaces with warmth. Flat Sand Matt, Exa Sand, Canterbury, Agadir Arena or Hipster Mist are perfect examples of how this colour helps to fill spaces with luminosity and makes them very welcoming.

    We now move on to off-white shades, such as our Terracotta Blanco, perfect for combining with other stronger colours such as yellows or blues on the walls to achieve spaces with personality, but always with that warmer and calmer side.

    In the line of broken whites or bone tones, our Berlin series offers us the same tile in 4 different formats and finishes, which are perfectly combined with more pastel and serene tones to obtain those classic spaces in earth tone decoration. The protagonists of this image are Berlin Bone Glossy and Berlin Exa Bone Matt.

    Finally, in a more ivory shade, we highlight (among the great variety we have) some of our latest launches: Kit-Kat Ivory Glossy and Pietrasanta Ivory (in three different formats and two finishes). With this tone, timeless and easily combinable spaces are created.

    Earth-toned and stone-effect mosaics

    At Dune we have a wide variety of mosaics which, in our desire to play with materials and textures, fit in with earth tone decoration, either because of their tone or because they imitate stone, which makes them the ideal complement to create warm and cosy atmospheres. In this image, we leave you some examples of this type of mosaics (Pebles Light, Shambala-DK, Rio Carrara, Lombok-DK, Trencadis Alpaca or Marimba-DK, among others).

    SPC Rigid Core Flooring 100% waterproof

    In this review of decoration in earth tones, we could not leave out imitation wood flooring, as it is a key element that can help to achieve that calm, soothing and welcoming effect that we are looking for with this type of interior design.

    At Dune, we have our Click&Floor collection, our SPC Rigid Core Flooring 100% waterproof. It is made up of a total of six collections, all of which include neutral and light colours that are perfect for creating these warm and serene atmospheres.

    The colour earth in architecture

    Colour plays a fundamental role in the perception of architecture, defining the personality and character of a building. Among the wide range of chromatic options available, the use of earth colour has emerged as a captivating choice for architects and designers. This earthy tone, inspired by the natural earth palette, has proven to be versatile, timeless, organic and harmonious in a variety of architectural contexts.

    By integrating earthy tones into architecture, a visual and emotional relationship is established with the earth surrounding the building. This approach allows the structure to blend harmoniously with its surroundings, whether in a rural or urban landscape. One of the most outstanding advantages of the earth colour is its stylistic versatility. It can easily adapt to a variety of architectural styles, from modern and minimalist designs to more traditional and rustic structures. The earthy palette lends itself to both residential buildings and commercial spaces, offering a balanced and aesthetically appealing solution.

    Here are some images of projects in which the earth colour is the main protagonist, either for the construction materials or for the colour used to dress the project.

    The colour earth in fashion

    Fashion is an expressive language that goes beyond temporary trends, and the use of colour plays a crucial role in creating distinctive and timeless styles. In this context, the colour earth has emerged as a popular choice among designers and fashion lovers for its versatility, sophistication and ability to convey a connection with nature.

    As we said, one of the most attractive characteristics of the earth colour in fashion is its neutrality and versatility. Shades such as beige, camel, terracotta and brown are considered neutral colours, which means that they are easily integrated into a variety of clothing combinations and styles. These earth tones can be the foundation of a versatile wardrobe, as they complement both vibrant colours and other neutrals.

    In addition, earth tones evoke a sense of timeless elegance that transcends fleeting trends. Garments in earthy tones, such as camel coats, terracotta dresses or chocolate brown trousers, are classics that can stand the test of time. The use of earth tones in fashion is also linked to the search for a deeper connection to nature and well-being. These tones convey a sense of warmth and balance, creating a visual experience that invites tranquillity and harmony, promoting serenity and emotional comfort.

    Fashion designers have found nature to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and the colour earth is no exception:

    - Valentino Garavani. The iconic Italian designer has demonstrated his mastery of integrating earth tones into his haute couture creations. His dresses in shades of terracotta, beige and camel have graced the catwalks, standing out for their classic elegance and ability to enhance femininity.

    - Ralph Lauren. His garments in warm browns, camel tones and earthy greens captured the essence of effortless elegance. Lauren seamlessly blends the simplicity of earth tones with luxurious cuts and fabrics, creating a harmony that resonates with classic sophistication.

    - Dior. He has taken the earthy palette to new heights in haute couture. His collections have featured dresses and ensembles in earth tones, fusing contemporary femininity with an intrinsic connection to nature.

    - Hermès. Jean Paul Gaultier has left his mark on Hermès with the inclusion of earth tones in his couture designs. His creations in colours such as caramel, tobacco and beige have proven to be both timeless and avant-garde, creating a unique fusion of tradition and modernity.

    The psychology of the colour earth

    The psychology of earth tones, the colour palette that reflects nature, has been shown to have a significant impact on the psychology of those who interact with it. Earth tones, such as brown, beige and terracotta, evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. These colours are linked to earth, wood and natural elements that we associate with safety and security.

    The colour earth also suggests stability and connection to the earth itself. Colour psychology suggests that earth tones can generate a sense of groundedness, providing a solid foundation for decision making and problem solving. These colours are often associated with reliability and solidity, conveying a sense that one can face challenges with a firm foundation.

    On the other hand, the neutrality of earth tones contributes to their emotional versatility. These colours act as a blank canvas that can be adapted to a variety of emotions and contexts. On the one hand, they can convey calm and serenity, while on the other hand, they can be used to represent elegance and sophistication.

    The presence of earth tones can also have a positive impact on emotional balance. It is believed that these colours have the ability to stabilise emotions and encourage connection with nature. In addition, earth colour psychology is intrinsically linked to cultural connection and symbolism. In many cultures, these colours are associated with earth, fertility and stability. Cultural symbolism can influence individual perceptions of earth tones, bringing additional layers of meaning and emotion to these colours.

    Contrary to the common belief that earthy colours can be dull or drab, colour psychology suggests that these tones can also inspire creativity because of their rich variety of hues in the earth palette.

    In short, by applying earthy tones to different rooms in your home, you will achieve a unified and harmonious atmosphere that highlights the natural beauty of every corner. It is an invitation to embrace nature and create an interior where tranquillity, harmony and style coexist perfectly.

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