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Design living rooms: the keys to perfect decoration

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    The living room is one of the main rooms in a home and the family's day-to-day life is organised around it. The furniture, the tiles, the decorative elements and the textiles play a fundamental role in the decoration, as all these factors must be perfectly coordinated in order to achieve an optimal result. For this reason, at Dune, as experts in ceramics, we offer you the trends and keys to decoration for designer living rooms.

    If you are wondering what the decoration of a modern living room should be like, there are aspects that you should not overlook. We list them below:

    • Choose a style of decoration and maintain it in all the elements.
    • Use and enhance the effect of lighting, giving prominence to natural light.
    • Play with the distribution of the furniture to create the perfect environment to fulfil the social function of the room.
    • Strategically place decorative design elements and an iconic piece that elevates the room.
    • Give personality to the project so that it breathes essence and a name of its own.
    • Use a colour palette that combines neutral tones with more daring colours.

    Porcelain tiles in living room decoration and design 

    Tiles in decoration go beyond floors and walls. Although their main function is to be used as flooring or cladding, interior designers are increasingly using porcelain tiles in the decoration and design of living rooms.

    For example, a widely used resource is to create furniture with ceramic pieces, thus offering continuity with the design of the space. This type of decorative resource offers the possibility of creating unique and exclusive furniture, in which the designer's creativity is in charge.

    Likewise, mosaics are a great resource when designing modern living rooms. With this type of ceramic pieces you can differentiate spaces within the room, highlight an area or give prominence to the detail.

    Colour and light in living room design 

    As we mentioned earlier, the colour palette is a differentiating element when it comes to creating a designer living room. The first step is to decide which colours will be the main and predominant ones in the space. Choosing a neutral base and complementing it with more explosive colours will always be a good choice.

    However, there are designers who prefer to opt for vibrant colours and take decorative risks, while others are clearly committed to the concept of a monochromatic space. In this type of design living room, one colour is the exclusive protagonist.

    Decorating modern living rooms with tiles

    When it comes to designing modern living rooms with tiles, there is a clear upward trend. Decorated ceramics that imitate the effect of wallpaper are the best option for decorating a modern living room. In this sense, thanks to the most advanced industrial techniques, it is possible to create tiles with an infinite number of decorative details. Chippings play a key role and generate effects when they are exposed to light.

    Similarly, in the decoration of modern living rooms with tiles, more and more tile styles, formats and finishes are being combined. It is no longer unusual to see designer living rooms where marble, wood and ceramic tiles blend together to create an impactful result.

    Ideas for small modern living rooms

    It is important to bear in mind that, on occasions, space does not work in favour of design and we find ourselves with small living rooms. To avoid that the size plays against the design, we recommend you to follow this series of ideas to decorate small modern living rooms:

    • Use light colours that help to maximise the size of the living room.
    • Opt for furniture with curved lines to create a sense of spaciousness.
    • Place mirrors in key areas to create a sense of openness in the small living room.
    • Create overhead storage spaces so as not to take up space.
    • Choose small format tiles that multiply the space.
    • Boost the entry of natural light.
    • Decorating rustic living rooms

    Rustic living rooms also stand out for their design. This type of living room has a very marked style and, increasingly, the imagination of designers and interior designers has no limits.

    Colours in earth tones, natural materials, handcrafted elements... All this and much more cannot be missing in the decoration of rustic living rooms. Undoubtedly, a fireplace is also key to emphasise the decorative style of the room.

    In addition, wood plays a key role in the decoration of rustic living rooms, both in flooring and furniture. However, this delicate material requires strict care and maintenance to keep it looking as good as new. This is why parquet flooring is increasingly being replaced by wood-effect vinyl floors: they add all the features needed for a designer living room.

    Best tiles for a small living room in minimalist style

    Undoubtedly, if you want to achieve a decoration that does not go unnoticed in a small living room with minimalist style, marble can be your best ally. Elegance, sobriety and sophistication in the same element.

    Porcelain tiles with a marble finish are thus ideal for a minimalist living room. They perfectly combine design and technical performance for the most demanding users.

    In short, following these tips will make it much easier to create a designer living room.

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