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The trends of 2023 for a TOP decoration

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    With the arrival of the new year, decoration trends sweep the front pages.  Architects, designers and decorators create projects based on all the latest trends. Therefore, whether you are an interior design professional or a lover of decoration, we recommend that you keep an eye on the decoration trends of 2023, a year that is full of naturalness, versatility and the concept of fusing styles.

    2023, a year full of colour

    Colour as a source of optimism is a clear inspiration for the projects of 2023. Pantone recently announced that the colour of the year is Viva Magenta. This shade, included in the red colour family, transmits energy and vigour and its main objective is to impregnate decoration with vivacity.

    Decoration experts are therefore committed to breaking with monochromatism and giving importance to what the colours convey. Based on what you want to project in your home, you should choose the colour of the decoration. Wall paint, small format tiles, textiles or interior design objects mark the way to achieve a home that conveys personality.

    2023, a year with curves ahead of it

    The decoration trend is characterised by creating a concept of continuity in space in which curved lines and shapes gain much more ground over straight structures. Decoration with rounded shapes conveys a sense of dynamism in space. 

    In the same way, the three-dimensional concept is gaining prominence in the projects, as it generates spaciousness and elevates the rooms. In this sense, tile coverings with this concept continue to set the trend.

     2023, a year of biophilic design

    Nature continues to be the undisputed protagonist of interior design. Creating a natural space in one's own home goes beyond including plants or flowers in the rooms. The concept of biophilic design encompasses the concept of sustainability in the home. Opting for organic fabrics and ecological materials is the key.

    Thus, it is also trendy to decorate walls with designs inspired by nature. More and more walls are being filled with greenery, thanks to environmentally inspired wall tiles or wallpapers.

    2023, a year without fear of mixing styles

    More and more, the miscellany of styles is gaining ground in interior decoration. While until now it was essential to define what type of decoration inhabited a house, current trends show that it is not necessary to choose a marked style, but rather that the richness lies in combining styles.

    Finding the counterpoint and knowing how to combine in the right measure is also palpable in ceramic trends. It is no longer unusual to see rooms in which marble, wood and ceramics are combined. In addition, combining tile formats in the same room is the key to achieving a contemporary look.

    2023, a year with a nod to tradition

    To complete the trends that reign in 2023, hydraulic tiles do not go unnoticed. This type of tile, with a clear nod to the traditional essence, is taking centre stage on the floors of homes. Moreover, they not only occupy rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, but also invade living rooms and bedrooms.

    As a novelty, tiles that imitate hydraulic mosaic are gaining ground in decoration. This type of ceramic tile, suitable for floors and walls, is a renewed classic in which colour is the predominant note.

    What do you think of the decoration trends for the year that has just begun?


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