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Viva Magenta and Nusa series, two sides of the same coin

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    Pantone has already unveiled the colour of the year. Viva Magenta 18-1750 is an explosive shade from the red colour family that conveys energy and vigour. This announcement has become a milestone for all those who work with trends. Fashion, design, architecture, painting and, of course, ceramics are sectors in which the colour of the year is always present. Therefore, at Dune we invite you to take a tour through our series in which there is no lack of a nod to the colour Viva Magenta.

    Pantone's new colour of the year is a tone directly related to nature. It descends from the red family and expresses a new sign of strength. The firm defines Viva Magenta as bold and fearless: a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyful and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative. After all this time of pandemic, it is necessary to bet on happiness and optimism. In this sense, Viva Magenta is a powerful and strengthening colour. Pantone points out that it is a new lively red that drives pure joy and encourages unrestricted experimentation and self-expression.

    Without a doubt, Pantone's new colour of the year is an electrifying and boundless hue that manifests itself as a statement of intent. Viva Magenta emulates good vibes and champions a zest for life and a vocation for a rebellious spirit. It is a colour that is bold, full of wit and inclusive of all moods.

    Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman explains that Viva Magenta descends from the red family and is inspired by cochineal red, one of the most precious natural dyes, as well as one of the strongest and brightest the world has ever known. All in all, this Pantone colour of the year reconnects us with the original material and invokes the forces of nature to help us build our inner strength.

    In terms of trends, Viva Magenta is a colour somewhere between red and fuchsia, with flashes of cherry. The magenta colour family is all the rage on the international catwalks, as well as in decoration trends.

    The Nusa series, a clear reflection of the Viva Magenta trend

    So, it is worth remembering that at Dune we work on the basis of predictive talent and always looking at what is fashionable and trendy. When launching our new collections, we study and analyse the influences of fashion, design and architecture with the main objective of offering ceramics for unique projects. As a result and directly related to Viva Magenta, we have launched the Nusa series, a porcelain marble collection with a graphic reminiscent of the statuary marble of ancient Greece in which the marked veins in the trend colour ruby red stand out.

    Style, sophistication and avant-garde are the three keys that define the tiles in the Nusa series, based on the essence of the Greek goddesses who protected and promoted the fine arts. This reinterpretation of traditional marble, inspired by the avant-garde, stands out for its ruby tone. This trendy colour, closely linked to Viva Magenta, highlights the veins of the marble and creates a unique look. The Nusa series combines elegance and timelessness with just the right touch of trendiness.

    Small format tiles

    On the other hand, within the small format series, the Tabarca Garnet tile is also a very trendy option, thanks to its colour. The variety of its format, available in square or rectangular tiles, allows the pieces to be combined with each other.

    Another clear example of how red tones inspire us to create unique tiles are the Exa and Flat models, in the Garnet tone, or the Chicago Exa Ginger model. All of them designed to make both residential and contract projects stand out for their versatility.

    Finally, the Saudade series also includes Evora and Saudade Bermellón, both pieces designed to flood any room in a home with red.

    Are you joining the Viva Magenta trend?

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