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We travel with our ceramic passion to Mexico

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    With the main objective to present the new collections on the other side of the pond, we have had the leading role in some events in Mexico with distributors, sales professionals, designers and architects. Thanks to these meetings, the Dune team has had the opportunity to personally get to know the opinions of professionals on the collections. While they have shared points of view about this area's trends and the client's demands. Without a doubt, an experience that enriches and adds experience to the designing process, developing and bringing products to the firm.

    Begonya Segura, product manager and marketing director of Dune, has been the person in charge of presenting everything related to 2023 newnesses. Therefore, the sales teams have met everything related to the inspirational essence of the new collections while they have enriched their technical knowledge about each series.

    Specifically, the training sessions focused on the Altea, Flat, Exa, Mintons, Agadir, Amazonite, Black&Light Calacatta and Nusa series. Understanding the history behind each series is essential so that the rooms we design share unique experiences.  In addition, we have also made a small preview of what the next collections will be.

    A tour of the main points of sale

    The first stop of this Mexican tour was in Guadalajara. The Casa Fayette Hotel accommodated three training days about newnesses to the sales teams of Cerámicas Exclusivas, Cerámica Universal, Zenth, Arkiramica GDL, Ayzco, Fluxometro and Expo Cerámica. Dune tiles tell stories and, therefore, it is really important that professionals of stores know first-hand the narration that fice life to each ceramic piece. Knowing how to transmit the richness of Dune tiles is essential for the customer to find what they are looking for and feel identified with the products we offer.

    To continue the tour in Mexico, once again, we get around Monterrey to visit our colleagues from the Gilsa company. This company, an expert in the sale and distribution of building materials, has over 75 years of professional experience. Its great reputation and recognition mean that whenever we visit them, not only salespeople come to the call, but also architects, designers and professionals in the area who find in Dune tiles the differential key to their projects. The meeting with the specialists was an exchange of experiences and ideas on how to create unique designs.

    It should also be noted that, on this occasion, a meeting with students from the architecture and interior design sector was also organised. This meeting, led by students from the University of Monterrey and the UERRE Universidad Regiomontana, was notable for the great interest and eagerness to learn that future generations transmitted.

    Finally, the last stop was on Ciudad de Mexico. At Polanco Terrace, we held three more training days for sales teams from Sanimex, Recubre and Llano de la Torre. Each Dune collection follows a rigorous market study that is essential to transmit to these professionals. Design trends vary yearly, so, at Dune, we know that we must be clear about them to continue producing unique and up-to-date designs.

    Furthermore, during these days, we have always been with the most distinguished architects and designers from the zone sharing a presentation event of the new collections in the renowned Makoto Restaurant. There we could exchange ideas about trends that highlight the future of this sector and how aspects have to take into account to follow creating unique material for design projects. 

    With all these things, we want to express our gratitude to the Dune Mexico team, led by José Vicente Morant, for accompanying us on this wonderful travel. Travelling around the country and presenting the new collections has been a unique experience. Talking about what you are passionate about is always rewarding, so see you next time!

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