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The architect Carla Carer designs projects full of light, colour and life

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    The Brazilian architect Carla Carer has visited Dune’s central showroom, as well as the Sant Joan de Moró installations to discover at first hand the new collection tiles which we have launched with the 2023 arrival. During her stay, the interior designer has taken the opportunity to know how is all the fabrication tiles process, from the previous design based on the trends, until the exit of the furnaces, through all the process stages.

    Carla Carer’s visit started in the Shapes zone of the showroom, a tiles collection which she knows perfectly and had used in different projects. In this exposition space, the collection tiles combine shapes and colours to create an infinite movement effect, thanks to the shapes and volumes made by the ceramic pieces.

    New developments and manufacturing process visit

    Subsequently, Begonya Segura, Product Manager and Marketing Director at Dune, explained to Carer all the Piccola new developments for 2023. Altea, Mintons, Axa, Flat and Savannah focused the limelight in this second part of the visit. Segura explained that thanks to the manufacturing techniques of Dune, creating a tile with an artisanal totally appearance and with the highest features is avoided. All these things are accomplished thanks to the perfect symbiosis of artisanal work with the most advanced industrial techniques.

    Carla Carer also took a look at the space in which there are 150 small-format tiles panels exposed, but also Agadir and Magnet collection atmospheres.

    Mosaics zone managed to capture all the Brazilian architect attention, thanks to the variety of designs, textures and finishings. During this part of the visit, Begonya Segura and Carla Carer exchanged ideas about the possible combinations of this type of product with large-format porcelain tiles.

    The showroom visit finalised in the recently launched new zone, which is exposed all the marble porcelain series. Carla Carer was interested in the wallpaper-effect decorated tiles, designs of high artistic value and whose manufacturing process makes the difference.

    To complete her stay in the facilities, the Brazilian architect toured the different factory zones, with Brazil’s Market Manager, Diego Ballesteros, and the production staff. During the plant tour, the interior designer could know each fabrication process stage, just as the Dune’s ceramics characteristics.

    More than 15 years of serving customers

    It should be mentioned that the architect Carla Carer is on front of the Architecture Office Carla Carer since 2008. Her job is defined by being directly linked to market trends. As a result, she listens to customer requests and suggests projects which prioritise personal preferences and necessities. The main premise of this architect and her team, as well as the greatest challenge, is to fulfil the dreams of each client.

    In this aspect, her job is highlight because, besides the design, it also is always present in the execution process of each project, always achieving the desired result. Her work is characterised by

    the use of colour and light, to equip personality and prominence to the spaces. That is the reason why the Dune’s tiles are a success guarantee to her creations. The colour palettes brightness and the sceneries richness make Dune’s tiles one of the more used options in her projects of interior design architecture.

    Carla Carer, Design for Peace winner

    It should not be forgotten that Carla Carer was the Design For Peace Contest’s established winner, which we organised the last summer and which we provided support to the Ukranian study We Art. Thanks to her contract project inspired by a wine bar, the architect was among the most favoured to receive the public jury distinction. Her perfect Gaudi collection tiles utilisation and the original combination did not leave anyone indifferent.

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