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We travelled to Mexico to present our latest innovations

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    Begonya Segura, Dune Product Manager and Marketing Director, has once again crossed the pond to travel to Mexico to present the latest Dune products at events with distributors, sales professionals, designers and architects. After last year's highly satisfactory experience and its success, we have launched this initiative once again, as it allows us to get to know first-hand the opinions of professionals in the sector about our collections as well as to exchange impressions and talk about the latest trends in the sector.

    That is why we value this experience so positively: they are very enriching days, which allow us, on the one hand, to better understand the feelings about our new collections, to improve and perfect the process of design, development and launching of new products. On the other hand, it gives us the opportunity to present the most inspirational part of the collections, the concept behind a launch, which helps to better understand the final product.

    This 2024, the sessions have featured the Dune collections launched at the end of last year and the beginning of this one: Mármoles 120x120, Tahiti & Pietrasanta, Kit-Kat and Zement. In addition, they also served as a small preview of the new collection to be launched in the coming months.

    An itinerary through Mexico's main cities and points of sale

    Begonya toured the country's main cities and visited our main distributors and points of sale to explain the stories and inspiration behind each of our pieces. For us, it is very important that both our distributors and potential brand prescribers (architects, interior designers, construction companies, etc.) capture the essence of Dune and know how to transmit it to create unique spaces that create a world richer in sensations.

    Always hand in hand with Dune Mexico, the first stop was in Monterrey, where our distributor Gilsa organised two days: one with the internal sales and projects team and another with architects and designers, who had the opportunity to get to know our brand in a much more direct way. In this way, we were able to transmit the idea and motivation behind each collection and not just its technical characteristics, so that they could find the key differential that gives that unique touch to each project.

    We continued our trip through Mexico with a three-day stop in Mexico City. Our objective in the city was twofold: on the one hand, to hold training sessions for the sales teams of Llano de la Torre, Gilsa and Recubre. For us it is very important to transmit all the information and market research behind each collection. Trends change and our designs change with them, so we have to explain our product well to the points of sale so that they, in turn, are able to spread this message to interested customers.

    And, on the other hand, we encourage meetings with architects and designers to learn first-hand how specifiers value our pieces and what strengths and weaknesses they find when using them in real projects. In addition, we also share impressions of trends in the sector and what is most important when it comes to continuing to create new products in order to make an impact on the market. Without a doubt, it is a very inspiring, useful and necessary conference for our work.

    Our last stops were in Mérida and Puerto Vallarta at events organised by Haus Design Center and Arkiramika respectively for architects and designers. The last stop was at the spectacular Casa Cocos restaurant, which has parts decorated with DUNE ceramics and where the owner, María Montoya Sevilla, and also the designer of the space, explained to us the meaning of each of its spaces.

    Once again this year we are back with our batteries full and eager to continue doing what we love most: creating products that help us to create a more beautiful world of sensations.

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