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Dune and Vilaonda improve customer experience with the creation of a new showroom

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    As a leading company in the ceramics sector, we have recently opened a new space within the showroom of the company Vilaonda (Onda, Castellón), with the main objective of improving the customer experience. In this sense, offering personalised advice adapted to the needs of the most demanding customers is the key to this Dune space. For this reason, the Vilaonda exhibition shows the most complete range of Dune ceramics, from small pieces to vinyl flooring, including porcelain tiles, marble and mosaics, and not forgetting washbasins. Will you join us on this tour?

    First of all, it is important to highlight that the new space has a wide variety of high-quality products, with modern and attractive designs that serve as inspiration to create projects in which ceramics is the undisputed protagonist. In addition to offering tiles that meet the highest quality standards, the floor and wall tiles are extremely versatile and offer infinite possibilities of combination. If there is one thing that makes Dune tiles stand out, it is that they are conceived so that each person can design their own space and combine it with the format and finish that they like best.

    On the other hand, the space is designed to satisfy the customer experience. Vilaonda's professionals know the Dune product to perfection and are available to advise customers in the process of selecting the most suitable products for each project. In this sense, they will listen to your ideas and channel your demands, offering you the product that adapts to your needs and in which design is the hallmark of identity.

    Professional trajectory, a guarantee of quality

    We cannot forget to highlight the professional relationship with Vilaonda, official distributor with whom we have been working for 30 years. The Romero family, who are responsible for the firm, are a benchmark in the distribution and sale of tiles. Their professional track record is an insurance for customers who decide to buy tiles for their first home, renovate a house or give a new look to a room.

    It is also worth mentioning that the Romero family has more than 50 years of experience in customer service. Two generations dedicated to the sale of tiles and always being pioneers to meet the demands of customers and trends in the sector. In this sense, they have evolved hand in hand with our product, because although the commercial relationship between Dune and Vilaonda began with the sale of borders and listellos, nowadays they have the whole range of products we have.

    Real environments to visualise interior design

    If there is one thing that makes the new Dune space in Vilaonda stand out, it is the 10 real environments on display. Thus, the customer can see in a real way what the result of placing one tile or another is and see the combination possibilities. In addition to this, the exhibition has a wide variety of samples and a ceramoteca area where you can see all the tiles of the brand and create the combinations you want. As a result, the new showroom allows you to visualise the products in real situations.

    It is worth mentioning that the importance of a design space in the buying process of customers cannot be underestimated. A well designed and presented space can make all the difference. For the buyer who is thinking about their first home or who wants to make a reform, seeing the product in situ and in a realistic way is fundamental. This is corroborated by Vilaonda, highlighting the improvement in sales since they have this new exhibition space.

    Improved shopping experience

    An attractively designed and well-organised space helps customers feel confident in their choice, as it allows them to visualise tiles in real-life situations and compare them easily. In addition, the space is functional and its logical layout makes it easy for customers to quickly find what they are looking for.

    It should not be forgotten that, at the shop level, a well thought-out space can also help differentiate one brand from another. In addition, an attractively designed and well-organised showroom demonstrates a commitment to quality and customer service. Thus, customers perceive this as a sign of trust and choose the brand over others. An attractive, well-organised and functional space helps customers feel confident in their choice.

    In short, this new space is a great step forward in Vilaonda's offer and is sure to be a success in the market. It should not be forgotten that design makes the difference. The formula is to offer a wide variety of high quality products, modern and attractive designs and a team of professionals ready to advise throughout the selection process. This space is a clear indicator of the quality and commitment of Dune and Vilaonda to the customer.

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