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Argentina and Markova Shops are two sides of the same coin. Being fashionable in this country means keeping up-to-date with the latest trends offered by this firm. For this reason, the store is designed to offer a premium shopping experience, where the Multishapes tiles used to decorate the space are the centerpiece.

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Markova Shops, a true reflection of the latest trends in fashion and decor.

Markova Shops is one of the leading women’s fashion outlets in Argentina. These stores bring society the latest trends in design and their garments are a big hit with women who want to show off their individual styles. Their collections are perfect for creating a casual look, while also reflecting how comfort and style can be compatible together.

If one thing sets Markova’s stores apart, it is the way everything is taken care of, down to the smallest detail. During their 25 years plus of history, they have always striven to understand how women think, how they feel and what they want. By considering these things, they have managed to create designs that highlight their role in society. As a result, the designs reflect the tastes of women in Argentina, while still incorporating international fashion.

All in all, the decor in the stores is essential for conveying the idea that women are the focal point of fashion. So, Markova Shops mimic current trends with the simplicity of geometric shapes. Choosing Multishapes White tiles to cover the walls was vital for creating a feeling of spaciousness in the stores. These tiles add volume and creativity to the store, ensuring that the design of the space is in perfect harmony with the brand’s clothing.

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