Loja Solange Demartini Chic

The architect Carla Carer has designed this decoration and interior design store, creating differentiated spaces to display the products.

Pictures of the project

Shape and volume a surprising effect in this decoration store

When it comes to selling pieces for decoration and interior design projects, what is sold is just as important as the space in which it is sold. For this reason, the architect Carla Carer has been in charge of designing the project for the Solange Demartini Chic store, with the main objective of creating a unique shopping experience.

Thus, the design of this store was thought to sectorize the products and highlight them. As a result, when entering, the client clearly differentiates the space intended for coverings, wallpapers, fabrics, rugs or curtains. In this way, Carla Carer's project manages to offer prominence to each product.

Creative process and result

It is worth mentioning that the mixture of materials and textures brought warmth to the place, thus providing customers with a cozy atmosphere. In addition, the showcase area gained an exclusive space for the display of products.

But if there is an area that stands out by far, that is the entrance of the store. For this area, the architect Carla Carer chose tiles from the Shapes series, specifically Japan in white. These tiles with relief and 3D volume offer a wide range of possibilities for placement. With this, it plays with the volume and incidence of light to create effects in the room.

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