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Outdoor flooring for terraces: tips to choose the best option

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    Fine weather is coming, and summer is just around the corner. It is the time of sun, heat and to enjoy the free time on terraces. After the pandemic outbreaks, this house element increased its value because it was the fundamental zone to connect with the exterior environment. In this fact, trends highlight the way to create spaces outdoors in houses. So, terraces are an added value when choosing a home.

    In the same way as the restrooms for a house, the floor of this outdoor space is decisive. In the same way as the kitchen floor must be in an adequate way-form or bathrooms must have some features, outdoor terraces could not be less. Floorings in this space are essential items because they have to bring important features such as being non-slip, easy to maintain and showing great resistance.

    What to consider when choosing a terrace tile?

    When choosing between outdoor floors and the best option for terraces, taking into account different aspects is key. We list them in the following lines:

    • Tile porosity

    Choosing an exterior terrace floor, the best option is to take sides with porcelain tiles with low porosity. This type of porch flooring absorbs less water and, consequently, shows high resistance to temperature changes and adverse weather conditions. In the same way, they show durability in the weather and are well resistant to the high flow of people.

    • Tile thickness

    The thickness of the tile must also be taken into account, as the thicker the tile, the harder it is and the more resistant it is to scratching. Therefore, it is essential choosing the best outdoor flooring for terraces based on this property.

    • Tile format

    To design a terrace, many professionals opt for large-size tiles. This tile size contributes spacious effect and open space. On the other hand, when it comes to transporting and placing them, they offer more complexity than a small-piece tile. However, the format is linked directly to personal taste. There are options for any type of style.

    • Tile properties

    As we have told before, in outdoor terrace flooring non-slip is key to ensure security. Similarly, its maintenance has to be easy to avoid investing so much time and money to maintain it on the first day. Finally, resistance is also a feature that is very valuable in outdoor terrace floorings.

    Why is it crucial for terrace flooring to be non-slip?

    Following the last point, non-slip flooring in outdoor terraces is essential, because it reduces falls and accidentally slips, and, as a result, it improves the security for all the inhabitants in a home.

    To know if a floor is non-slip and the non-slip degree that a tile offers, the recommendation is to check it in the product data-sheet. Taking into account that there are three types:

    • Type 1 (style 1):  soft non-slip.
    • Type 2 (style 2): middle non-slip.
    • Type 3 (style 3): heavy non-slip.

    What is the best floor for exterior terraces?

    There are different types of exterior terraces floors. In the following lines, we detail and analyse it. 

    Marble floors for terraces

    To have your terrace as elegant and sophisticated as possible, marble is without any doubt, the perfect option. In return, we have to take into account that it is a natural material and it needs a lot of maintenance because it is an exterior room.

    Porcelain floors for terraces

    This type of tile is an excellent option for exterior floors. They are temperature-changing resistant, easy to maintain and adapt to any type of decoration style.

    Terracotta floors for terraces

    If you want a cottage style for your terrace, you have to choose a terracotta floor. The imperfections that the tiles create are perfectly adaptable to this type of style. However, the terracotta floor is a lot of sense to the spots, and that is the reason why the exterior environment inclement can affect negatively.

    Hydraulic floors for terraces

    Hydraulic tiles have a great result as exterior terraces flooring. Not only withstanding the course of time and their easy maintenance but also their design and chromatic variety make these types of floors perfect for terraces.

    Wood floors for terraces

    Wood indeed creates a comforting and warm sense besides it offers a large insulation capacity. Nevertheless, we have to take into account that this type of exterior floor is very delicate, and the atmospheric conditions directly affect them.

    Stone floors for terraces

    Stone, as a natural material, creates a direct connection with the environment, and this is the reason why many people choose it for their terraces. Indeed, it does not need specific maintenance depending on its stone morphology it can be difficult to clean.

    As a result, from our point of view as ceramics experts, we bet on style 2 tiles as the ideal ones for exterior terraces. In Dune, we also design tiles that imitate any type of appearance or decorative style. So, if you are a person who searches for a more delicate floor for their terrace, check our catalogue because we are completely sure that you are going to find the same effect recreated in tiles.

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