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The best plants and flowers designs on bathroom tiles

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    Approach nature to home and creating an eco-sustainable place is no longer a utopia, nowadays, it is a reality. Increasingly, biophilic design is gaining ground in architecture to the detriment of other styles. So, it does not seem to estrange that the vegetation takes part in a room, and a house has natural spaces now, thanks to the sunlight introduction. Accordingly, and focusing on ceramics, the clearest way to approach the product to nature is by making plants and flower designs in tiles, being the kitchen and the bathroom the most suitable rooms for it.

    We have to mention that ceramics contributes multiple possibilities to decoration, thanks to the perfect design conjunction and the most advanced industrial techniques. The processes have been simplified and the use of technology allows the tiles decoration with all the possible ideas, following always the trends.

    Types of floral designs on tiles

    When it comes to making floral designs, creative capacity has no limits. So, what guides the design is the decorator's style. Following the current trends, we have thus chosen three types of plants and flower designs on bathroom tiles that we are going to explain in the following lines:

    Realistic floral design

    Realism issues veracity in the design, so, opting for this type of bathroom decoration make you immersed in the purest nature. As an example, we have some tiles, designed by Rafaela Zarinato, in which leaves are the absolute protagonist, based on Brazilian traditional crafts and manufactured on natural stitched leaves. In this type of tile, the designer approaches Brazilian freshness and reflects it in ceramics.

    Abstract floral design

    In most modern or futuristic spaces, the abstract design is the central axis. In this type of decoration, the essential thing is not to show the flowers in the tile clearly, but rather to create a set of lines that make it possible to imagine that the print is a plant motif.

    Geometric floral design

    To complete our floral design to bathroom selection, we draw on hydraulic tiles. This type of tile is highlighted because of its geometrical creations and, a lot of these, imitate leaves and flower forms designs.

    How to decorate a bathroom with ceramic tiles with botanical motifs?

    When it comes to decorating a bathroom with ceramic tiles with designs inspired by nature, you have different options:

    • Cladding of one of the walls

    Choose plants and flower designs ceramic tiles to decorate one of the room walls. Normally, choose the shower or the washbasin wall to highlight this space from the rest. The Botanic model, in the Chicago collection, is a clear example:

    • Shower space

    Another option to introduce this biophilic style in your bathroom is using decorated tiles in the shower. In this case, you have to take into account the tiles' features and ensure that the tiles are non-slip to avoid slips or falls.

    • Carpet in the bathroom

    To complete these plants and flower designs in bathroom tiles options, added to the last options, there is a mass trend and it is using tiles to create carpets and delineate the space.

    Bathroom tiles in organic colours

    On the other hand, and taking into account that covering walls with stamped tiles can become tiring over time, we recommend that you combine decorated ceramics with bathroom tiles in organic colours.

    In Dune we think and analyse all the aesthetic aspects when it comes to designing new collections. That is the reason why our tiles are always designed taking into account the possibility to combine them. Following trends and using predictive talent, we propose the most versatile tiles in the market.

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