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Deco: 10 bathroom tile trends

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    Giving personality to each room in the house is already a reality. Gone are the bathrooms, offices or kitchens without decoration, since decorative elements have become essential in any interior design project. Thus, there are many pieces that can boost the decoration of a bathroom, from the shapes or design of the toilets, to the chosen colors. In addition, we cannot forget about the floor tiles or wall tiles to be used. For this reason, at Dune and as specialists in ceramic decoration, we tell you in detail the best bathroom tile trends.

    It is worth mentioning that when choosing bathroom tiles, the ideal is that they meet the needs of the room. Therefore, they must be floor and wall tiles that follow these characteristics:

    • High technical performance.
    • Non-slip.
    • Resistant to temperature changes.
    • Easy cleaning and maintenance.

    Whether you want to make a complete reform of your bathroom or if you want to create it from scratch, read the following lines carefully and choose the option that best suits your tastes. Follow the latest trends in bathroom tiles!

    1. Tiles with creative and geometric patterns

    Bathroom tiles with geometric designs are a trend. This type of tile allows you to create combinations and design creative patterns. The clearest example of this trend is hydraulic tiles. This type of pieces stands out for the geometric patterns in which shapes and colors are combined.

    It is worth mentioning that at Dune, in order to continue reinventing trends, we have launched the Soft&Safe ceramic collection, with its Doria, Valencia and Gaudí series. These porcelain tiles combine a silky finish with high anti-slip properties, without sacrificing design.

    2. Tiles for modern bathrooms

    Within the tile trends for modern bathrooms, hexagonal pieces cannot be missing. This type of tiles stand out for their shape and original placement. In addition, you can place them both as flooring or as cladding. It is also interesting to make color combinations between the pieces or place them in such a way that they create a gradient on the wall and blend in with the paper or paint.

    In this sense, the hexagons from the Berlin series or those from the Chicago series are 2 fantastic options to create a trendy bathroom.

    Color combinations and designs for modern bathrooms

    The color and design is a clear hallmark of modern bathrooms. Prints, shapes and colors take center stage in these rooms. In this sense and as a clear trend, biophilic design is here to stay. And it is that, increasingly, we attach greater value to the connection with the environment. For this reason, among the bathroom trends, decorated tiles that emulate the natural environment stand out, as a clear commitment to sustainability.

    Thus, the Botanic Warm model from the Chicago series is a clear example of how the decoration of a bathroom can symbolize the connection with nature.

    Importance of choosing the tile according to lighting and size

    It is essential to analyze the space available when designing the decoration of a bathroom. In addition, the lighting also affects the final result, since it can maximize or minimize the space. For this reason, we recommend that before choosing the tiles for the bathroom, you analyze both aspects and focus your choice on enhancing the room.

    3. Marble for the bathroom

    In tile trends for bathrooms, marble-effect tiles cannot be missing. This finish confers sophistication to the environments and, usually, had only been intended for living rooms or main bedrooms. However, thanks to the many options offered by ceramics, it is currently a type of product that can be placed in any room of a home.

    In this sense, the Baikal, Theia&Caronte collections respond to design trends and create spaces full of personality.

    4. Bathrooms in which the metallic tone predominates

    For this season, the metallic finish that emulates the industrial style is also a trend. This type of decoration gives the room a marked modern character.

    From Dune we propose the Diurne series, with a finish inspired by metal oxide. Thanks to the fact that the tile is porcelain and the high color variation, this collection presents a perfect design.

    5. Combine the sink with the choice of tiles

    Another option to create a trendy bathroom is to combine the sink with the tiles used as flooring or wall tiles. Combining colors or finishes of the tiles with the design of the sink can be a good choice.

    At Dune we have a wide selection of basins, created to fit perfectly with tile designs. As a result, we managed to create rooms in which the decoration is the protagonist.

    6. Tile sizes and formats

    Decorating a bathroom with small piece tiles is, without a doubt, a great option. The small piece also allows different creations based on its placement: vertical, horizontal or herringbone.

    Our Tabarca series is the best representation of the trend of small piece tiles for modern bathrooms. In addition, its great variety of colors allows it to respond to all kinds of styles and decorations.

    7. Shower Tile Trends

    We cannot forget about the tiles that are used to create the shower space. Thanks to the combinations of shapes, colors and textures we can design a bathroom that is not boring and in which the shower and bathtub area take center stage. Do not forget that when choosing a tile for the shower it is essential that it is non-slip.

    8. Natural stone in bathrooms 

    Bathrooms decorated with natural stone tiles are an increasingly popular choice due to their performance. This type of tile offers a unique beauty. In addition to great durability and the ability to bring elegance and freshness to the space.

    Our Pietrasanta series is a clear example of that. Thanks to its graphic richness and its anti-slip and polished matt finishes, it becomes a perfect option for use in bathrooms. In addition, its neutral colour range can be combined with any style.

    9. Tiles with Bali inspiration

    Bali-inspired bathroom tile models recreate the serenity of a small spa in your own washroom. An example of this is our Tahiti collection. Thanks to its colours, inspired by tropical beaches, you will turn your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and well-being. This bathroom ceramic together with natural elements will be the perfect combination to teleport you to an island paradise.

    10. Fresh colours for coating your bathroom

    If there is one trend in bathroom decoration that never goes out of fashion, it is undoubtedly the combination of small tiles. The size of this room makes it the ideal place to use the most daring trends. If we want to bring life and freshness to our bathroom, the best way to do it is by using different coloured pieces. Whether in glossy finish colours, such as the Altea, Agadir or Tabarca tiles; or with a matt finish, with the Exa or Flat collections. Success is guaranteed. 

    All in all, at Dune we are known for mimicking design with functionality and, therefore, the products offered not only respond to day-to-day needs, but also follow the latest trends and create unique and unrepeatable spaces.

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