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RENATA MARQUES: luxury and inspiration

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    We are pleased to introduce you the Brazilian architect Renata Marques, an absolute source of inspiration whose interior design projects emanate luxury, grandeur and excellence.

    With a single glance at her designs we can feel that, for her, creation of interior designs goes beyond the aesthetics. Renata has the ability to create atmospheres that radiate charisma along with sophistication. Each of her projects is unique and defined by the personality and needs of her clients.

    Something that characterizes Renata's designs is the usage of golden tones. Among her most recent projects we can see her application of gold in ambiences by means of some of our models such as Foglio d'Oro, Bella Lux and Mariana with magnificent finishes.

    One of her latest projects reflects this fixation with light and golden tones in a modern and elegant suite: a room with an integrated bathtub that combines comfort and luxury in a unique way, a fantastic example of her mastery to create new spaces in which architecture and avant-garde design collaborate to favour the comfort of her clients.

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