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All you need to know about stone coating in interior decoration

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    The house walls are more than only elements to separate rooms. They organise and distribute life in a house, and at the same time, they create unique spaces for the tenants. Wall trends increasingly set an approach with the natural decoration space. Creating projects connected with the environment facilitates resting and disconnect. This is the main reason why in the following lines, we will analyse everything you are interested to know about stone coating in interior decoration. Do not miss anything!

    Why choose a stone finish for a wall?

    While it is true that interior wall trends are an apparent influence when choosing how to decorate a room, it is also interesting to know the benefits that stone coating brings to a house.

    • Durability:

    Natural stone is resistant and durable, thus, it is a material that maintains its appearance over time.

    • Sustainability:

    Thanks to its durability, natural stone is a reusable material and thus promotes sustainable construction. 

    • Thermal and acoustic insulation:

    As a volume consequence, natural stone has a high insulating capacity which provides vital energy savings. More than the energy efficiency, the natural stone coating is also an excellent insulant to muffle the sounds.

    • Versatility:

    Natural stone offers infinite possibilities for putting it. It is also used for interior walls as exterior ones because it can be placed in facades and partition room walls.

    • Aesthetic variety:

    As a natural material, there are not two equal pieces, and as a result, they equip exclusivity to the spaces. Stone coatings offer a large variety of textures and colours. The colour range cover from light colours to dark ones.

    Stone in interior decoration

    As we indicated before, stone in interior decoration adds different benefits not only in aesthetics but also architectonics and energetics. You can use it to coat walls, differentiate some spaces into a room or create decorative zones. The most important thing about using stone in decoration is not to place limits on the imagination and maintain an aesthetic coherence that is respectful of the decorative style.

    Playing with the colour and texture of stone in wall decoration

    Likewise, stone colour and texture can create effects during wall decoration. In this sense, using light colours with neutral shades allow the creation of larger spaces and project calm. On the other hand, the darker shades could create a closer halo over time as they offer high aesthetic possibilities.

    When it comes to choosing what stone coating for the wall thus is the most appropriate, knowing the decorative style of the rest of the rooms or project and choosing it accordingly to this is crucial.

    The best stone cladding for interiors

    In the following lines, we want to show you different options for interior stone coating thought and designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding projects. Ceramics offers infinite possibilities since, thanks to advanced industrial techniques, you can create any effect on a tile. We bet on the quality of the product, but we also meet the aesthetic demands and the current trends.

    • Emporio collection

    The ceramic pieces in the Emporio collection are inspired by natural materials. Their stony finish is a clear nod to the constructions of ancient Greece. In addition, their shades are designed to give a natural character to the projects.


    • Diurne collection

    This industrial-inspired collection fuses stone with cement and rust. Undoubtedly thanks to the latest digital techniques, it is possible to create a natural effect on the tiles. The Diurne collection has several formats, with which you can cover walls with pieces that emulate stone.

    • Karakter collection

    Likewise, the Karakter collection is a perfect choice if you want to cover stones with stone-effect ceramics. This collection reinvents stone, giving it a warm and serene touch to dress the most intimate spaces with a natural-looking layer. This is a perfect option to give a natural touch to your project.

    • Hipster Collection

    The Hispter collection also offers the possibility of creating a stone-cladding effect on the walls and floor of a room. Its industrial look adds style to your projects.

    • Estratos Mosaic

    Finally, the Estratos mosaic, made of natural slate, has bars of different thicknesses and is ideal for lovers of natural products. The variety of tones, textures and reliefs is the key to making this piece stand out.

    All in all, stone cladding is perfect for any room. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms with stone walls are trendy. Do you dare?


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