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Style Book Dune: trends and novelties for decorating with ceramics

In this article we talk about:

    Ceramic tiles offer endless possibilities for creating unique projects. The combination of tiles, based on the tastes and style of the designer, opens up a wide range and creates opportunities to design rooms with their own soul. Therefore, at Dune, we work to offer versatile, functional and trendy pieces, always meeting the demands of the most non-conformist users. In addition, something characteristic of our collections is that they can always be combined with each other. With all this, we present our first Style Book on ceramic decoration, in which architects and designers offer us the best combinations of our products to create spaces with personality.

    This Style Book is the result of Design For Peace, the initiative to support the Ukrainian studio We Art in vindication of design as a universal language, regardless of conflicts. It all started when we received a video from Elena Maksymchuk and her team in which they explained that the current situation had paralysed all their projects and they offered their services to the international community in order to be able to continue. At Dune we didn't think twice and we commissioned them to develop a package of interior design projects, made with our collections and in which We Art could present their proposals in different styles of interior design and architecture with their personal touch.
    their personal touch.

    We Art's designs, inspiration for the world

    At the same time, we decided to open up this collaboration to the entire international community through a competition that rewarded the best contract and residential interior design projects. More than 100 professionals, including architects, designers and interior designers, submitted their proposals based on the ceramic inspiration of Dune tiles. 

    A professional jury, composed of Elena Maksymchuk (interior designer and director of We Art), Alexander Kononenko (interior designer), Gina Rosete (architect), Gabriela Pessuto (architect), Lutzía Ortiz (head of ITC's Habitat Trends Observatory) and Begonya Segura (Product Manager and Marketing Director of Dune) chose the 2 best proposals, based on the functionality of the space, creativity, originality, the correct use of the products and the crossbreeding of the Dune pieces.

    OceanLive and Wine Shop and Bar, the best projects

    As a result, in the residential category, the OceanLive project, signed by the Spanish practice Tres Manzanas Creativas, was selected, while in the contract section the Wine Shop and Bar proposal by the Brazilian architect Carla Carer was chosen. In addition to the winning projects, from among all the proposals received, the jury chose 14 more designs to create a Style Book.

    All in all, Dune's first Style Book presents more than 30 decoration proposals combining various tile formats. This magazine is a manual of inspiration for those who wish to use Dune ceramics in their interior design projects.

    As we mentioned before, the Style Book offers a first section in which We Art presents 10 interior decoration proposals, using marbles, small pieces and Click&Floor. In the same way, we also find the award-winning projects. 

    In addition and as an important part, the Style Book also has other interesting decoration proposals. Specifically, the projects included are:

        - Place to dream (Tres Manzanas Creativas)
        - Layer 0 (Noon Creative Studio)
        - Green Interior (Polygona Design)
        - Calm Luxury Bath (Walter Oscar)
        - Geometric design (Daniel Ramón)
        - Khnum (V-A-C-K)
        - The Suite Bath (Carla Carer Arquitetura)
        - Mood Color, Dream Day (Anta Arty)
        - Olive (Victoria Verdú)
        - Singular Bathroom (Polygona Design)
        - Gourmet Space (Carla Carer Arquitetura)
        - Calm Bath (Walter Oscar)

    To complete the publication, our team of designers presents several atmospheres with the new collections that we will be launching soon. Nusa, Black & Light Calacatta, Amazonite & Amazonite Pearl, Selene Grey and Altea are the new ceramic proposals for this season.

    You can enjoy this first Style Book right now and think of future ideas to create your Dune projects. Download the magazine and don't miss any detail!

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