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Design for Peace: an initiative to support the We Art studio and reward the best residential and contract design.

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    A couple of months ago, we received a video from the Ukrainian studio We Art, led by Elena Maksymchuk, in which they explained that the current war situation in their country had put the brakes on all their projects. For this reason, they launched an appeal to the international community, offering their work in order to be able to continue. After this situation, we at Dune did not stand idly by and decided to offer them our help. We immediately commissioned a package of interior design proposals for a new catalogue, with the aim of giving them visibility through our distribution channels and offering them the possibility of accessing new potential clients.

    At the same time, several members of the international interior design community who work with us also saw the video and the response was immediate. Many professionals, knowing the situation of their Ukrainian colleagues, contacted us to offer their collaboration in an altruistic way. Thus, the DESIGN FOR PEACE project was born, an initiative that vindicates design as a universal language, which does not understand conflicts and which is open to all architecture, interior design and design professionals who want to support this Ukrainian studio. 

    Creation of a style book with the proposals

    To do so, the participants will have to create an original photorealistic 3D environment, using Dune products and encouraging the crossover of collections. As a result, a style book will be published, both physically and digitally, in which the work of the Ukrainian design studio We Art, as well as all the selected works and their creators, will be disseminated on an international level. 

    Architects, interior designers and designers who wish to participate must complete this registration form. Dune will provide all the graphic material necessary to design the unpublished environments. The essential thing is to use several series and to encourage the crossing of products. To participate, you must design an environment and present three shots of the same room, as well as an inspirational moodboard with the products used. To submit a project to Design for Peace, you must comply with these rules of participation.

    The aim is to offer visibility to these works through the printing and online dissemination of a style book, in which each professional will have 2 pages in which to showcase their work and include their contact details, in order to open the way to new clients.

    Recognition of the best projects 

    In addition to the dissemination of the best projects in a style book, we will award a prize of 1.000 € to the best residential project and to the best contract project. To choose the best proposals, Design for Peace has a professional and qualified jury, formed by Elena Maksymchuk (interior designer), Alexander Kononenko (interior designer), Gina Rosete (architect), Gabriela Pessuto (architect), Lutzía Ortiz (head of the Observatory of Habitat Trends of ITC) and Begonya Segura (Product Manager and Marketing Director of Dune).

    The jury will assess the realism of the proposal, the functionality of the space, creativity and originality. In addition, the correct use, based on the characteristics of the product, and the crossing of Dune products, based on aesthetic principles, will also be taken into account.

    The participation process is now open and projects can be submitted until 15 July. The jury's verdict will be announced on 25 July.

    With this type of initiative, "at Dune, as a ceramics company with national and international projection, we make clear our commitment to society and equal opportunities. We firmly believe that design is a form of self-expression, capable of moving the masses, which is above nationalities, cultures or ideologies". This is how Ismael Carne, manager of the firm from which they have launched this international initiative, explains it.

    Don't think twice and take part in this initiative: design is universal!


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