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Design for Peace & We Art: six people, a team and only one heartbeat for peace

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    Since Dune, we have brought out the Design for Peace initiative making support the Ukrainian studio We Art, led by Elena Maksymchuk. Elena’s team called for the international community to explain that the current situation in their country had stopped her job. So, they offered their creative talent to go ahead. We don’t hesitate, and we delivered the areas to a new inspiration catalogue whereby will make a broad dissemination.

    Likewise, some designers also added to this initiative and offered their collaboration altruistically, and, as a result, the Design for Peace project emerged. This initiative drives the design as a universal language that does not understand conflicts and is also open to all architects, interior designers and designers who want to contribute their creative ideas to support this Ukrainian studio.

    Since the Design for Peace was designed the initiative overcomes the one hundred professionals registered yet. This successful participation has given great joy to the We Art team and they wanted to open a channel to tell their history. 

    Elena and the value of a good team

    Elena Maksymchuk started this interior design project alone, but the increased work promote the necessity to hire assistants taking always into account that the team is the key to success as her grandfather always told her. Svetlana Prokopchuck started being her main support and they work together for more than ten years. Elena defines him as a very talented designer and as a friend who supports her. 

    Over time, Kristina Demchishina, Olga Vavrichina and Diana Matviychuk joined the team and added knowledge, talent and working ranges. Elena always tried to transmit that it was the studio design's “golden moment”. The reason were not only the beauty and high-quality projects, the friendship relation but also the good environment, the unlimited mutual aid, the comprehension and the empathy that they showed.

    During the last few years, We Art has been creating many valuable projects, and they have also been travelling, visiting showrooms, studying and analysing the current sector. To complete the perfect team, not many times ago, they have also incorporated Dima Shurima into their teamwork, a talented designer and the perfect assistant.

    Nevertheless, as Elena explains, “Recently our world collapsed. Words cannot demonstrate the horror. Seated in the shelter, while warning sirens, work saved us frequently and allowed travelling with thinking to someplace far away. Thinking about the beautiful without listening to any explosion. Thanks to our friends and Dune, we could save our teamwork and our work”. That is the reason why all the We Art teammates call without any doubts: “We are together, we are still creating, and we will win!”.

    Extension of the deadline for the submission of projects

    The Design for Peace inscription date ends on the next 15th of July. To participate you have to fill out this form. Once receiving the participation request, you have to sign up for Dune’s Club to download all the graphic material necessary to make the photorealistic ambience. Because of the success of participation and in response to requests from professionals who have joined the initiative, we have extended the deadline for submitting projects until the 31st of July. Initially, it was the 15th of July, the same day as the closing date for registrations. This gives participants 2 weeks to realise their ideas with Dune products.

    We have to take into account that, among the received purposes, a professional jury, created by the interior designer Elena Maksymchuk, the interior designer Alexander Kononenko, the architect Gina Rosete, the architect Gabriela Pessuto, Lutzía Ortiz (head of ITC's Observatory of Habitat Trends) and Begonya Segura (the Dune’s Product Manager and Marketing Director), the best projects will be chosen to be posted in a style book. The best residential work and the best contract work will also receive a recognition of 1.000 €.

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