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The best types of flooring for restaurants, bars and cafes

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    The hospitality industry is, without a doubt, key in socialization. Going out for a beer, enjoying a good meal with friends or savoring the best menus in pairs are the best options to disconnect from the work routine and welcome leisure time. For this reason, more and more, these places follow the latest decoration trends and take care of even the smallest detail to offer unforgettable experiences. In this sense, the specifications and needs of gastronomic leisure venues must be taken into account to create a decoration (and, above all, a floor) that resists daily activity and remains perfect over time. Thus, in the following lines, we analyze the best floors for restaurants, bars and cafes.

    Hospitality establishments are usually very crowded with a lot of activity. They are also places that undergo impeccable cleaning and sanitizing processes to guarantee wholesomeness. As a result, hoteliers must look for floors that combine decorative beauty, while responding to the high traffic to which the premises are subjected and that, of course, follow the latest trends in interior decoration.

    Characteristics that floors for restaurants should have 2024

    There is a wide variety of floors for leisure venues, but it is essential that the flooring meets resistance, durability and ease of cleaning. The key is to find a floor that has excellent value and able to blend in with the decoration.

    In this sense, the floor for bars, cafes or restaurants will be different as that placed in a private home. The main reasons are that in these places there is a high traffic of people, there is a lot of furniture and the continuous movement of the tables and chairs causes a high level of wear on the pavement. In addition to this, due to food that can fall on the floor causes stains that, many times, requires specific products to remove.

    Special features for bar counter floors

    Thus, if we pay attention to the area of ​ the bar counter, we must always maximize the properties of the floor since this space is one of the areas that registers the most movement. There are countries, such as Spain, in which it is very typical to go out to have beers and pinchos with friends and the preferred place to do so is the bar. Everyone always enjoys a cold beer leaning on the bar counter.

    The floor of the bar counter should be easy to clean.

    There are floor tiles that combine high performance and design.

    However, the floors of a bar counter have to be even more slip resistant and easy to clean due to spills. All this without forgetting that its design must be attractive so that customers do not lose interest in the premises.

    How should the floors be for bars and cafes?

    The floors for bars and cafes must meet the conditions that we have indicated above. Next, we present different options for the flooring:

    • Rectified porcelain floors:

    This type of flooring for bars and cafes has hardness and porosity. This type of flooring offers ease when cleaning and that the joints are hardly noticeable.

    • Ceramic floors:

    This type of flooring for bars and cafes offers good value for money, while being resistant to daily activity. However, they present more difficulty in cleaning due to porosity but their designs are usually the most attractive.

    • Vinyl restaurant flooring:

    This type of flooring for bars and cafes is one of the best options, since they meet all the functional and hygienic needs of this type of premises. Vinyl floors for bars offer high resistance, while cleaning can be done very easily.

    • Microcement floors:

    This type of flooring for bars and cafes has a non-porous and therefore waterproof surface. At the same time it offers a glossy finish look that creates a great visual impact.

    The best options for choosing floors for the hospitality industry

    When choosing floors for the hotel industry, in addition to taking into account everything that we have previously analyzed, we cannot neglect the design. Creating an outstanding aesthetic will also serve as a claim to attract new customers.

    From Dune, as specialists in hotel flooring materials, we want to launch the best proposals so that you can choose the floor for restaurants, bars and cafes. First of all, hydraulic tiles are a great option to cover the floor of a room. Design, color and texture are the keys to Soft & Safe’s Doria, Valencia and Gaudí series, a collection in which the tiles have a silky finish and are totally non-slip. As a result, they perfectly combine design and performance.

    Rectified porcelain floors with a marble effect offer sophistication to environments. For this reason, any of the new collections Caronte&Theia or Baikal are a perfect choice in terms of flooring for the hospitality industry. The double polished finish of the tiles gives a sublime shine to the rooms.

    The marble effect is very suitable for restaurant floors.
    The Caronte series brings sobriety to any hospitality establishment.

    Small format tiles are also a good choice for restaurant flooring. Thanks to the color of his creations, it is possible to create an infinite number of combinations to align the decoration of the different premises with the brands. In this sense, if you are looking for floors for bar terraces, the Chicago series seems to us the most successful. This porcelain tile, with a matte finish, meets the needs of the most demanding spaces.

The terraces of restaurants, bars and cafes must also have a high-performance floor.
    The Chicago series features a variety of shapes and colors to create varied combinations.

    The Berlin series, with a finish reminiscent of concrete, is a good choice for the flooring in restaurants, bars and cafes, thanks to its color palette.

    Combine shapes and colors to create the perfect decoration in your hospitality establishment.
    Berlin and its mint color has different designs and shapes, perfect for hospitality establishments.

    Similarly, vinyl floors for bars are very popular for large venues. Its comfortable and cozy appearance, as well as its easy installation are the key. At Dune we have the Click & Floor collection, parquet effect vinyl floors that offer durability and resistance for spaces such as restaurants, bars and cafes.

    Finally, if you have to choose the flooring for hotels, tiles inspired by cement and natural materials also add style to the decoration, while meeting the daily needs of this type of business. As a clear example, the Emporio series is a good alternative for those who want to create a minimalist space in which the flooring remains in a discreet background, but stands out for its beauty.

    Cement is a good choice for floors in restaurants, bars and cafes.

    This type of flooring recreates the finish of cement, another option for restaurants, bars and cafes.

    Keys to cleaning and maintaining floors

    As we have indicated throughout the post, the floors for the hospitality industry must present an appearance that is compatible with the high traffic of people they receive on a daily basis. In addition to all this, they must be easy to clean and be able to remove the dirt that remains embedded.

    Thus, daily cleaning must be carried out with standard products with a neutral PH. The most suitable cleaning products are always warm water and neutral soap, although there are specific products for the different floors that exist with which it is possible to prolong the appearance over time and enhance its properties. In any case, you should avoid using abrasive cleaning materials and elements that can damage the surfaces.

    We hope we have helped you in choosing the flooring for restaurants, bars and cafes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

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