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TOP 10: Trends in hotel bathroom design

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    Hotels are key in tourism because they are places where customers want to feel at home during their stay. That is why it is essential to comply with the highest standards of comfort and take care of even the minimum detail, following the latest trends in decoration and trying to transmit the maximum sensation of well-being and home. Both living rooms and bedrooms and bathrooms are spaces that we have to take into account when it comes to following the last trends in hotel decoration. In this sense, hotel bathrooms are overlooked by interior design, despite being one of the spaces where is necessary to transmit comfort and well-being sense.

    Both modern and luxurious hotel bathrooms, as bathrooms at home, must add character. There are spaces that have to add value to the room. Do not forget that it is an idyllic space and has to bring home sense to guests. Thus, since Dune, as an expert in ceramic decoration and hotel projects, we want to do a review of the most important aspects of hotel bathroom decoration.

    10 trends in hotel bathroom decorations

    Hotel bathroom design and decoration are key factors which contribute to the general tourists experience. So, trends in hotel bathroom decoration are focused on the creation of the cosiest, functional and sustainable spaces. In Dune, we have identified the most important trends in hotel bathrooms for 2023. Forget the minimalism that characterised the traditional bathrooms covered by white tones and without life and squeeze the most out of the character of this room. If you don't want to miss out on the latest in hotel bathroom design, keep reading!

    Trends in hotel bathroom design: fresh colours

    One feature to take into account in modern hotel bathrooms is that thanks to their size, we can use more daring trends than in any other room. The small-format tiles of different colours combination is groundbreaking in ceramic decoration because adds live and freshness to any room.

    The combination of colours, with an ultra-glossy effect finishing, is one of the most acclaimed trends. The perfect mix of colour and brightness is not incompatible with the possibility of bringing tranquillity and harmony to this space. Design, colour and freshness are some of the qualities of the Altea or Tabarca series, both collections very much in line with the current trends in hotel bathrooms. For lovers of matt finishes, Exa or Flat with two versatile series to create a contract interior design. 

    Trends in hotel bathroom design: living room elements to the bathroom 

    If you want to follow the latest in modern hotel bathrooms, adding elements common for living rooms to this space will be your best partner. Carpets, chairs or paintings contribute the maximum elegance to the hotel bathroom decoration, as time as create cosy environments. 

    However, we must be clear that not everything is permissible. If what we want is to add freshness to the bathroom, using furniture made of organic materials such as wicker, wood, jute or cotton will be the best choice. These types of decorative elements manage to humanise this room and make it more attractive to guests. In addition, this creates a more chic and casual atmosphere, conveying a sense of home.

    Trends in hotel bathroom design: decorative lamps

    As chairs and paintings are trend in hotel bathroom decoration, decorative pendant lamps or wall lights are suitable to this type of rooms. Forget neutral lights and the current wall lights and seek to make a difference. 

    The wide variety of designs that exists in lamps and wall lights make them adaptable to any decorative style, which is why they are ideal to enhance luxurious hotel bathrooms. Do not forget that good illumination brings about creating a relaxing and warm space. Not only it brings about the aesthetic, but also it adds functionality to this room.

    Trends in hotel bathroom design: free standing bathtubs

    The bathroom, whether in a hotel room or at home, should be a place of physical and emotional well-being. In addition, it should also provide relaxation to the guest. One of the elements that can make the difference between modern and traditional hotel bathrooms, and increase the quality of this room, is the bathtub. 

    We have to mention that bathtubs had been elements that started to be removed in hotel bathrooms design because they took up space and were impractical. Nevertheless, over the years, they have recovered their importance. Nowadays, bathtubs mark a trend in hotel bathrooms and are a high-demanded option because they increase the luxury idea and the concept of well-being. Thus, in luxury hotel bathrooms, the bathtubs triumph. The most highlighted qualities are their amplitude and security as well as the senses that generate in the guest.

    Trends in hotel bathroom design: worktop washbasins

    Worktop washbasins are the main protagonists of this hotel room. Not only is a trend in hotel bathroom design but also they are an essential basic in any decorative style. Besides being an aesthetic potential element, they also add necessary space to put welcome gifts, towels and information to the guest.

    Some of our last designs as Magnet Argent Washbasin, Amazonite Pearl or Light Calacatta are ideal for modern hotel bathroom decorations, both for their style and durability and easy maintenance.

    Trends in hotel bathroom design: round mirrors

    In 2023, curves are a trend and the best way to introduce them in hotel bathroom decoration is in the mirrors format. The round mirrors are key this season, because they contribute style and personality to any space. This type of mirrors also makes possible that bathrooms look higher and brighter, that is essential for hotel bathrooms.  

    Furthermore, using a round mirror in a hotel bathroom, besides its functional aesthetic, it also contributes more beauty and elegance than any other format because its shape is more organic and less aggressive than other mirrors.

    Trends in hotel bathroom design: flowers and plants

    Hotel bathrooms are usually cold and dull places, that is why natural elements such as flowers and plants are a perfect trend in hotel bathrooms to bring brightness and life to this room. In addition, bathrooms are the ideal place for plants thanks to the humidity provided by the showers and the rays of sunlight that come through the windows, either in the hotel bathroom itself or in the room. 

    The most important thing is choosing the most adaptable plant for these type of spaces and combining it with some handcraft jar made of wicker or terracotta that makes the maximum warmth and thus humanise the room, giving it a more homely feel. 

    Trends in hotel bathroom design: the use of marble

    In hotels, we have to highlight cleanliness as one of the most valuable aspects for guests, especially in hotel bathrooms, because it is the space that tends to get dirty the quickest. For this reason, it is important to use coverings that do not get very dirty and are easy to clean, such as marble.

    Besides being a high-durability material, marble is also a trend in hotel bathrooms that is never old-fashioned and contributes beauty, elegance and aesthetics. Marble get to add a special luxury and sophistication touch to any space where it is used, and it is a material that is a current trend in hotel bathroom decoration. 

    Collections like Nusa, Selene, Amazonite or Calacatta are essential to coat both walls and floors of luxury and modern hotel bathrooms. 

    Trends in hotel bathroom design: the use of natural stone

    Organic materials, such as wood, stone, slate or terracotta, in hotel bathroom decoration is a trend that highlights this 2023 and is ideal for creating a tactile texture, both coating and furniture. Generally, hotel bathrooms tend to be dark and dull places, and thanks to the use of organic materials we give them more warmth and humanise them, creating a bigger home feeling.

    One of the trends in hotel bathroom decoration is the use of natural stone both in wall and floor coatings and furniture. Natural stone adds personality and elegance, at the same time as simplicity for any room. Moreover, it is easy to combine with other elements thanks to this wide variety of forms, colours and textures which it offers.

    Trends in hotel bathroom design: the use of wood

    Among the most important trends in hotel bathrooms in 2023, we find wood, especially as furniture pinned on the wall. Wood is an element that adds rusticity, as time adds freshness in a very adaptable way to any decorative style. 

    The use of wood and earth shades both in furniture and also in the coating, offers us the possibility that modern hotel bathrooms have a warmer and more familiar space. Without any doubt, the most natural way for using wood is in floorings, because it contributes continuity between the bathroom and the room as time adds warmth to the room.

    From Dune, we have managed to imitate the wood effect in our Click&Floor vinyl flooring collection, which, thanks to its durability and easy installation, is perfect for wall coverings and decoration in hotel bathrooms. This type of product provides the natural style of wood in a more durable way over time. Moreover, its easy installation makes it possible to change the decoration of a bathroom in record time.

    Ideas for modern hotel bathrooms

    Trends in hotel bathrooms show us that they should have a stylish and functional design. Offering a luxurious and comfortable experience to guests is essential to make a difference. 

    Trends such as worktop washbasins, the use of organic materials such as plants or wood, round mirrors and the use of fresh colours are perfect ideas to implement in modern hotel bathrooms. Their size makes them perfect places to experiment, and, taking into account that we want to highlight for being a modern hotel, the most important thing is to be risky.

    So, by combining any of the above hotel bathroom trends, together with the ones highlighted in the previous paragraph, you will achieve a modern hotel bathroom decoration that will look like a magazine.

    Ideas for luxurious hotel bathrooms

    On the other hand, according luxurious hotel bathrooms, the aim is to combine perfectly the high-quality commodity and the cutting-edge technology. For all these things and more, the most important thing to triumph is the same as in modern hotel bathrooms: be always risky to create a unique design. 

    In fact, luxury and modernity can be complemented if we follow the trends in hotel bathrooms that are rising in 2023. To highlight a few when it comes to creating luxurious hotel bathrooms, we certainly choose the use of marble, freestanding bathtubs and decorative lamps. These trends in hotel bathrooms, combined with bold, full-colour wall and floor coverings, will make this room the star of interior design.

    As you can see, there are many trends in hotel bathrooms in 2023, but if there is one thing we can highlight, it is that they all share the aim of bringing warmth and a sense of home to this room that has so often been forgotten. At Dune we are up to date with these trends and that is why we are constantly launching varied collections with high-quality tiles to help you in the decoration of hotel bathrooms. If you are thinking of embarking on a new project in hotel bathroom design, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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