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188094 - M950


15x15 cm./5.9x5.9in.

Set of embossed metallic pieces, 15x15cm in size, with a gloss finish. Subtle variations in shade. Eight different reliefs that are supplied in random mixes.

SHINE is a set of 8 tiles with micro-reliefs where the metallic glaze rests on their smooth geometric shapes and interacts with the light, creating an appealing play of light and shade. Just a small number of these is enough to make a room feel vibrant and modern.

These small-sized tiles are the perfect choice to add a cozy, warm touch to any room.

Go ahead and combine the different colors and play around with its shape!

  • walls
  • indoors
  • easy to clean




  • 44.44
  • 42
  • 13.02
  • 28.704
  • 60
  • 0.945
  • 56.706



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