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188292 - M943

ROBLE GRIS 22.8X184.2

22,8x184,2 cm./9x72.5in. | Thickness: 5mm

Elegant SPC Rigid Core Flooring 100% waterproof that reproduces faithfully the beauty and warmth of the oak in a beautiful grey tone in 22.8x184.2 format.

ROBLE wood is the perfect choice to create an elegant and moderate space. A subtle graphic, of natural finish, with a great acceptance in the market for its timeless nature and the warmth nature it transmits. It stands out for its 184.2cm of length, very unusual and associated to high level projects.

DUNE introduces CLICK&FLOOR, a new high quality and easy to install SPC wood collection. Thanks to its EIR EMBOSSING technology, the relief of the pieces matches with the knots of the wood, a distinctive touch that provides credibility to the collection.

  • Rigid and resistant
  • Stability to temperature changes
  • Easy installation




  • 2.381
  • 5
  • 17.5
  • 38.581
  • 60
  • 2.1
  • 125.993



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