Hilton Rose Hall Jamaica Resort & Spa Hotel

The creative architect Gina Rosete imbues every corner of this wonderful hotel with her personality.

Pictures of the project

Hilton Rose Hall Hotel, designed for rest and disconnection

The Hilton Rose Hall Jamaica Hotel is an icon of style and design, thanks to the work of interior architect Gina Rosete. Thanks to the work of the Tropiqa team, this rest and leisure space is one of the best options to enjoy the holidays. For this reason, each space is designed so that the stay is a memorable experience from start to finish.

To create a unique space, Gina Rosete has designed each room based on the needs of the guests. For this reason, the lobby has an important presence, since it is the first impression that you offer to the guests. Thus, this room becomes the heart of the Resort and its function is to welcome and embrace customers. As a result, Gina Rosete's team has created a decoration that provokes sensations of comfort, joy and happiness.

Spaces that transmit history

One of the most charming areas of this resort is the Coffee Shop. The inspiration to create this space comes from the coffee history of Jamaica, where one of the best coffees in the world emerges: Blue Mountain. The history that this space traps you in its culture, always hand in hand with the experiences that you can live in every corner.

To achieve this and taking into account that coffee is very representative in Jamaica, the design of the room evokes this history. The most important thing for Gina Rosete and her team is to externalize culture through colors, textures, smells and sensations that each finish gives. In this area, the Blues mosaic, by designer Michael Groove, brings the entire back wall to life. This glass piece stands out for the movement created by the broken tesserae, inspired by Murano glass. This product is completely handmade, since the molten glass is shaped with a mold.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the Meeting Room. To create this space, the inspiration comes from the tastes of the family. With this, the space has a touch of freshness so that the stay in the hotel is calm and relaxing. To achieve this goal, they have used Multishapes White tiles, in order to achieve a dynamic room that helps the flow of ideas. This personalized and unique design that makes the family feel happy, while transmitting life, harmony and peace.


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