Temptation Cancún Resort

The architect Gina Rosete brings light, color and her personal style to this impressive luxury hotel, where the stay becomes a unique experience.

Pieces used in the project

Pictures of the project

Explosion of color to create a luxury resort

The Temptation Cancun Resort hotel is a clear example that interior design is the key to giving personality to a space. Colour, light, geometry and textures are the keys to creating a personality of its own for this luxury hotel.

In this sense, Gina Rosete and her entire team at the Tropiqa studio played a fundamental role. The collaboration has been based on embracing Karim Rashid's project, grounding it and making it a reality, giving it a personal stamp. Thus, the plans and 3D models were generated in the visualization of an organic and complex architecture. During the process, Gina Rosete worked with Karim Rashid's team to make it possible for the project to work in the hotel sector, while meeting the expectations of both the designer, the builders, the clients and the investors.

A project full of light and geometry

The images speak for themselves. This hotel complex is an explosion of light and color. There is no room that does not stand out. All this has been possible thanks to the careful selection of materials, finishes and decoration pieces. Thus, at Dune we fulfill the mission of designing special ceramic pieces designed for and to give life to each room in this resort. Also, the Shapes series is a reference for this project.

Tropiqa managed to complete the hotel with the support of a team of around 60 people, in 9 months of construction and 3 of assembly. All a success!

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