Hotel Temptation Grand Miches

Gina Rosete is the architect of the interior design of this hotel, in which luxury prevails in all rooms. Combining colors, textures and materials is the key to boost this project.

Pieces used in the project

Pictures of the project

Luxury and exclusivity, the DNA of this hotel

Luxury is the key word to define this interior design project. The Hotel Temptation Gran Miches is based on reflecting the luxury that customers deserve to experience, live and feel in this place. Therefore, the materials, designs, colors and textures must radiate this essence. The key is to make the client feel important and, therefore, it is necessary to generate unique and unrepeatable aesthetic experiences.

This project, devised by Gina Rosete, is designed exclusively so that each wall, each piece of furniture or each place where the client's eyes are directed reflect quality and luxury in equal parts.

Unique and impressive pieces

Thus, the interior designer finds in the Dune pieces the plus that the hotel wants to offer its clients. Thanks to the chosen pieces, Gina Rosete reproduces unique environments, in which the things that happen are unrepeatable. All in all, exclusivity is the maxim of this project and it is reflected in the tiles of the Calacatta Series and in the pieces of the Stripes Oak collection.

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