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Amalia's House

Cosy, vintage, soft: this is the project of remodelling, design and construction of Casa Amalia, a space for workshops, courses, showroom and boutique in Mexico.

An interior design that absorbs and transmits the essence of this space

Casa Amalia is a multifunctional space created by the digital creator Nadya Valdez in Monterrey, Mexico. It is a place in which a boutique, a showroom and also a space dedicated to the workshops and courses that she teaches in person coexist. That is why capturing her essence and knowing how to transmit it through the interior design was so essential. It is a personal project that must tell her story and her philosophy of life and work.

This wonderful design, the work of the incredibly talented architecture and design firm Standarq, is cosy, vintage and very soft, reminiscent of a child's fairytale cottage. As the aim was to transmit the essence of what Nadya transmits in each workshop and in each handicraft, the colours green and pink were chosen, as if you visit her networks and her website, these are the shades that most catch your attention.

We love how these colours are combined in the kitchen and dining area, along with other more daring designs and patterns and natural elements in sight. Undoubtedly, a very special combination is achieved that turns the space into a very cosy and warm place, as well as functional.

A project that we love!

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