Andy kitchen

This modern kitchen transmits pop culture aesthetics thanks to the Andy mosaic.

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Looking back on Pop Culture: 46 paintings, the same aesthetics

This private kitchen combines the wood countertop and walls and furniture in white with the Andy mosaic to create an original carefree environment. This ceramic piece, made up of 46 different paintings, is an expression of pop culture at its finest.

Andy Warhol, to whom this piece owes its name, broke with the aesthetic canons of thinking that a work must be unique and cannot be reproduced. In other words, the artworks became consumable, ephemeral and duplicable with Warhol. This thing is what the Andy mosaic wants to transmit in its design. Despite being a piece where the paintings repeat constantly, this adds a unique personality to any space.

Furthermore, the fact that it is combined with the other furniture in neutral tones means that the Andy mosaic is used as a nod to pop culture without losing that modern touch that goes for less ornate designs. Undoubtedly, an ideal aesthetic for anyone who loves vintage.

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