Bathroom Selene Cappuccino

Coming up with the design of a bathroom, thinking about the connection with nature and the effects that are created, is a reality thanks to the ingenuity of Alejandra Sarnavskaya.

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Selene Cappuccino bathroom, the perfect atmosphere

Interior designer Alejandra Sarnavskaya proposes this bathroom, for a private home, which clearly represents elegance and sophistication. From their interior studio Walls they have designed and developed this interior design project with the clear purpose of meeting the client's expectations.

In this sense, when receiving the commission, Alejandra Sarnavskaya was clear about the client's premise: an elegant and modern interior that, at the same time, was sophisticated and romantic. To capture these ideas, the designer imagined what the sky is like before the storm and sought to capture that feeling of peace and tranquility. The interior design project is based on the power and beauty of the element, which is impressive. These types of images are especially nice, especially if you view them from home. Enjoying this phenomenon of nature while enjoying a coffee, having breakfast or enjoying a bath is wonderful. Therefore, the design of this bathroom tries to capture all these sensations.

Contrast design: Selene Cappuccinno and Cinema Mosaic

This decorator admits that she really likes contrasts and that this interior design project is no exception. Therefore, the Selene Cappuccino piece fit perfectly with the inspiration to design this bathroom. Its beautiful pattern and the natural colors of the sky make it perfect to combine with an elegant glass mosaic. To complete the set and emulate the flashes of lightning in the sky and the reflections of water, lighting and decoration played a fundamental role and, along with them, the Mosaico Cinema. This piece, from the Limelight series, is designed exclusively for Dune by Michael R. Golden. This glass mosaic stands out for the optical effects generated by the 3D shape of each tile, on an ultra-bright mirror background. As a result, this bathroom represents a perfect atmosphere. As a result, this bathroom represents a perfect atmosphere.

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