Bathroom Stripes Denim

The designers Marta Rangel and Amanda Miranda propose an avant-garde bathroom. The texture and resemblance of the tile to denim canvas elevate the room to the highest level.

Pieces used in the project

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Bathroom Stripes Denim, blue color to create a special space

The interior designers Marta Rangel and Amanda Miranda sign this residential design project in which the tile takes center stage. In this sense, the designers have chosen the Stripes Mix Denim piece to create a disruptive environment that leaves no one indifferent.

It is worth mentioning that the main aspect to choose this coating has been the variation in the blue details. This tile, measuring 25x25, has the denim canvas as the protagonist. It is a cake with a marked character with a design that is made up of two reliefs that appear at random.

A space in which everything is thought

In this sense, this bathtub has been created for a child with autism and, since studies show that the color blue favors a sense of calm, when choosing this tile. In addition, the texture and reliefs of this piece provide a sensory experience.

Thus, the bath can be a moment of relaxation, but for children it also becomes a moment of play. For this reason, this team of architects has designed this property creating a unique mixture and combination of shapes that, bathed in the color blue, bring lightness to the space. Totally in love with the mission of completing this bathroom!

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