Black Infinity

A building that maintains its style with a modern and timeless material that allows it to remain at the forefront with the passing of time.

Pictures of the project

A unique façade refurbishment project

The Black Infinity project is located just over 10 km from Bilbao, in the town of Leioa, in the province of Vizcaya, at 62 Iparaguirre Street. Its architect Juan Elexpuru explained to us what the refurbishment consisted of: "It has been done with ceramic material, just as it was originally, but this time giving it a more modern touch with the Black Infinity piece".

Elexpuru states that "what the owners wanted was for the building to maintain its style with a modern and timeless material and in this way ensure that over time it would continue to be at the forefront". The choice of the Dune product was due to its "singular, attractive, extraordinary and youthful character", as the construction company responsible for the building, Impercaya, has commented, "the biggest challenge consisted of the property, made up of 80 neighbours, deliberating which was the ideal product and selecting it by majority vote".

Neighbours and owners have highlighted its totally unusual appearance and its spectacular nature. "Black Infinity transfers the same characteristics of the piece to the building", they pointed out. Likewise, Impercaya and the person in charge of the execution, Gorka Pino, have stated "the ease of manipulation and placement of the pieces", since, being 10x10cm pieces, the margins had to be squared in all the orientations of the different blocks of flats. Dune, for its part, has adapted the product for this project, manufacturing it in porcelain instead of porous, thus improving its adherence and making it suitable for outdoor use.



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