Calacatta Bathroom, with Navy&Gold sparkles

Blue, gold and white tones add pureness and modernity to this bathroom. One more time, marble is once again the maximum protagonist.

Pictures of the project

Marble and small format, the eternal success 

Our client LPM Bathrooms & Tiles is undoubtedly a lover of marble-effect bathroom tiles, combined with small-format tiles. This does not surprise us. Undoubtedly, this combination is the best way to add elegance and timelessness to any room. Once again, the Calacatta Superwhite 90x90 tile has been their best ally to coat this private bathroom and they have combined it with the Tabarca Marino 7,5x23 tile. 

This Calacatta collection piece blends in perfectly with the blue furniture and the matt gold finishes. Thus adding a modern touch to the space. Furthermore, in order to add uniformity to the room, the flooring and coating of all walls, except the mirror one, are composed of this marble-effect tile. This, undoubtedly, contributes style and elegance to the room. 

To highlight the mirror wall, the Tabarca tile is perfect. Its imperfect finishing, which emulates the craftsmanship of pottery, and its untoned colouring add nuances to the bathroom. 

Likewise, it is important to take into account that the use of spotlights, the natural light coming through the window and the hanging lamps also play an important role. Because they serve to delimit the space and are used as an additional decorative element.

Certainly, this bathroom is a clear example marble can also be chic and modern. Congratulations on the result! 

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