Gego House

This private home located in Murcia gets original decoration thanks to the use of porcelain tiles. This a great example that runs the risk and is success is possible.

Pieces used in the project

Pictures of the project

The porcelain tile as the maximum protagonist

This flat located in Murcia has material Dune indoors. Despite being a house with only neutral colours furniture, especially in white. Its kitchen and bathroom get a unique personality thanks to the porcelain tiles used.

In the kitchen, we highlight the Gego tile use in its flooring. This porcelain tile is ideal for creating a minimalist space. Its two-tone pattern makes it stand out on its own. Moreover, as it is an open kitchen and it is combined with white furniture, it is a key choice to delimit the area.

On the other hand, talking about the bathroom also only has white furniture and walls. Nevertheless, the fact of paving the floor with the Marina tile and combining it with the shower cladding with the Bamboo tile gives it a very risky and original aesthetic. The geometric scale design of the Marina tile makes it enough to decorate the whole room, while the Bambú tile delimits the shower space at floor level. Both pieces belong to the Berlin collection. And the fact that both pieces feature the aquamarine tone in their design means that, despite being opposites, they are combinable. The result is a risky home with a great personality.

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