Kitchen Majestic Nacar&Gold

The designer Helen Granzote fills a room as functional as the kitchen with brilliance and elegance. All a success!

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Golden sparkles for a magazine kitchen

Can you imagine a kitchen in which elegance and sophistication are the predominant note? Interior designer Helen Granzote has achieved this by combining her interior design ideas with the Majestic tile series.

Helen Granzote defends that to create unique and unrepeatable projects you have to see, feel and live. Each space is unique and, therefore, we must give it the importance it deserves. In this sense, it presents us with a private kitchen, in which the front area captures all the attention.

A project designed by and for the client

The design of integrated kitchen with dining room and living room is born with the wonderful option of Majestic hexagonal cladding. Specifically with the combination of the Majestic Decor Nacar and Majestic Decor Gold pieces. Both the client of the project and the designer love the color gold, which could not be missing in the room. As a result, these tiles promote a neutral design inspired by classic European decoration and blend perfectly with the rest of the environment.

It is worth mentioning that the Majestic tiles, with a hexagonal shape, have a micro-relief that plays with the effect of light on their surface. Therefore, this cladding multiplies the luminosity of the room. A magical result!

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