Mediterranean Refuge

A private home in Botricello (Italy) inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, with its bright colours reminiscent of Greece and the traditions of its beautiful and magnificent islands.

A cheerful, lively beach house that conveys the sea and happiness

This project, a renovation of a house in the tourist residential area in Costa del Turquesa in Botricello (Italy), is a tribute to the Mediterranean Sea, the Greek islands and their beautiful and paradisiacal landscapes. Supervised by Francesco Petruzzellis, this house consists of a two-storey living area with patio on the ground floor and a bedroom with toilet on the first floor.

The pieces chosen from our Doria series are the perfect complement to this project, which sought to convey joy, happiness and holidays, thanks to their textures and vibrant colours. The idea that inspires this project and that threads the whole interior design is the Mediterranean Sea and the Greek islands with their bright colours.

For this reason, this project, which stands as a refuge in which to disconnect and live the Mediterranean essence, uses a palette of colours such as mustard, which recalls the beaches of Calabria, and the green and blue hues of the sea. In addition, the continuity of the paving between indoors and outdoors expands the spaces, giving the perception of freedom.

A project that perfectly combines bright colours while creating a welcoming space to enjoy a few days of relaxation. We love it!

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