Shapes Bronzo&White Salon

The Brazilian architect Max Mello proposes a sophisticated space in which the Dune tile is the differentiating element.

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Living room, kitchen and dining room, three united rooms

The mission of an architect when creating a project is to respond, on the one hand, to the tastes of the client and, on the other hand, to cover the existing needs. In this case, the Brazilian architect Max Mello has designed this interior design project in which he responds to the premise of the family that owns the house. The interior architect had to achieve a decoration that fully integrated all the spaces in the house, without losing sight of the trends in interior decoration.

With the intention of creating a neutral yet sophisticated atmosphere, wood and tiles are combined with colours such as white, brown and gold. Specifically, the project highlights the union of the kitchen, living room and dining room, achieving an integration of the main spaces of the house and where the family will spend most of the time.

Shapes tiles to create dynamism

To focus the attention in this space, the central wall of the living room is decorated with the Japan Bronzo model. This tile is unique and stands out for its relief. Thanks to the 3D volume in the shape of a truncated pyramid, architect Max Mello manages to bring dynamism and a sense of movement to the room. Specifically, with this piece from the Shapes series, effects can be achieved depending on how it is placed. In this case, a play of volume and light is achieved, thanks to the fact that the correlative tiles are placed creating a 180º turn.

Likewise, and in order to create a connection between both rooms, the kitchen has the Kioto White tile as cladding. This ceramic tile provides 3D volume, thanks to its pyramid shape with displaced vertex. Its matt white colour and its shape make it possible to play with the placement of the tiles in order to achieve a play of volumes that are influenced by the light.

As a result, this interior design project enhances the beauty of geometric shapes and creates a trendy space to share with the family.

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