Tabarca Bath

The Tabarca Turquesa tile, laid in a herringbone pattern, brings that push and that touch of colour and dynamism to this bathroom renovation.

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A neutral bathroom reform, timeless but with a push of colour.

This bathroom in a private residence in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona) opts for timelessness and neutrality. The owners were clear that they were going to use a matt white piece in practically the whole bathroom, but they did want to highlight the shower cladding, to make it different from the rest of the bathroom.

And this is where our colourful and vibrant Tabarca Turquoise piece comes into play, which placed in a herringbone pattern, exalts the wet area of the shower and gives it that touch of colour and dynamism that the rest of the bathroom lacks. The versatility of the small piece to be placed following this pattern and the vivid colour of our tile, bring energy and generate that striking and outstanding effect that Sparkling Reformes, the designers of the whole space, were looking for.

As they themselves explain: "We wanted to add a push to the room with a shower wall tile that would stand out, as the general bathroom tiling consisted of a smooth, basic, untextured piece on the walls and wood-effect porcelain tiles on the floor". Without a doubt, they have succeeded!

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